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Under The Dome Episode 7 Preview: Imperfect Circles

Ready for the biggest twists? That's what the preview for next Monday night's episode of Under the Dome ("Imperfect Circles") promises. We also get a tease of some of the dome-related shenanigans yet to come for the series. From the official episode description, the dome giveth and the dome taketh away…

“Imperfect Circles” – Big Jim takes matters into his own hands when he feels his authority slipping away, and the dome displays its power when a life is taken just as a newborn arrives, on UNDER THE DOME, Monday, August 5 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

So let's look at the preview as it relates to the episode description. Last Monday night's episode revealed that Big Jim and Ollie Dinsmore were at odds. In the preview, it looks like Ollie's reveling in the realization that he finally has the upper hand, and he's happy to wrap that hand around the throat of Chester's Mill. Is it the well that's the issue? Or is Rennie looking to Dinsmore for something else? Either way, that may be the referenced issue that has Jim looking to take matters into his own hands when he feels his authority slipping away. We already know Rennie's willing to take lives if it means getting his way. Is Dinsmore going to follow in the reverend's shoes? Whether or not Dinsmore's related to Jim's slipping authority, it looks like Big Jim's going to take a beating at some point in the episode.

And then there's the mentioned baby on the way and the life that's taken just as a newborn arrives. Does someone just drop dead? What's that all about? I was thinking maybe the dome has some resident rule that doesn't allow anyone new in without taking someone out, but people have died as a direct result of the dome. Duke and Coggins are examples of that. So doesn't the dome actually owe Chester's Mill a few people?

Finally, not mentioned in the description but revealed in the preview, it looks like there's more weirdness in store for Prince and Princess Dome, Joe and Norrie. They're out in the woods and they're feeling weird when lo and behold, they find a pile of leaves? What's that about? Having read the book, I have my suspicions.

I'm actually still not convinced that this season won't end with the dome coming up, even with the news that the series has been picked up for a second season. Is there any reason this part of the story can't run its course and get resolved only to have the dome come crashing back down on Chester's Mill in Season 2? The upside to that would be just that - the dome comes crashing down again. Because let's face it, that's one of the cooler effects featured in the series so far. Besides, the dome coming up and then back down again would offer an opportunity to refresh supplies, characters and plot. Just a theory. Maybe the dome will stay down and everyone will live off Dinsmore's crops.

Under the Dome airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS.