Vince Vaughn In Early Talks For True Detective Season 2

Rare is the TV series that is forced to deal with seemingly endless rumor milling, especially when comic books aren't the source material. Yet the second season of HBO’s anthology series True Detective has been the center of endless chatter and debate, with fans hoping for new cast members that can stand up to Matthew McConaughey’s stunning performance in Season 1. The latest actor’s name circling the project is none other than Vince Vaughn, who is reportedly in preliminary discussions to take a part in the darkness that Season 2 will bring. Is this decision money, baby?

The news comes from TV Line, whose sources say Vaughn would be taking on one of the series’ lead characters. It isn’t even clear how many leads there are at this point, as initial reports indicated there would be three, which was updated by creator Nic Pizzolatto, who said a fourth main character would also be involved. If one of these characters is starting up his own fraternity or crashing some weddings, then Vaughn may indeed be the perfect choice. Otherwise…

If the earlier reports are also true, Vaughn would be joining Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch, both of whom are reportedly in line to star. Word has it (or had it) that one of the leads was going to be a female, and even though Vaughn obviously wouldn’t be taking that role, we’ve seen him take on a more feminine persona in the past.


True Detective’s Season 2 will take place in a fictional California town far from sunny beaches. If we are to believe the plot rumors that Film Divider reported on a few weeks ago, the story will center on the murder of a city manager and the corruption behind the construction of a high-speed train between North and South California. The occult will be involved, and the lead characters are all victims of their own addictions and vices, including cocaine and sexual exploitation. You know, normal HBO shit. It’s possible Vaughn will fill the “older detective” role mentioned in the synopsis, though he’s only six years older than Farrell.

Vaughn, best known for comedy roles in films like last year’s The Internship and Delivery Man, has a few dramas and thrillers sprinkled throughout his career, so this genre shift isn’t all that surprising. It would be his first major TV role, however, and one that feels like it’s been a long time coming. Vaughn's next big screen adventures will be in the recently wrapped crime drama Term Life from director Peter Billingsley and Ken Scott’s comedy Unfinished Business.

What do you guys think? Can Vaughn make a successful turn in one of TV’s most gripping dramas?

Nick Venable
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