When The Walking Dead Will Finally Answer The Only Question We Care About

Major spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead, people. The detailed kind that might make you mad if you read them. Tread as lightly as you wish.

In the past month, The Walking Dead has given us Morgan’s backstory, Maggie’s pregnancy, the Saviors, and even Negan’s casting. But those things have basically been background noise to the clamor of fans wondering what in the hell happened to Glenn. We won’t be waiting much longer, as the answer is almost definitely coming in this weekend’s episode. If that’s enough info for you, turn back now.

Glenn is indeed alive during “Always Accountable,” although how well he is remains to be seen. News of this arguably shocking turn of events comes from the always dependable Spoiling Dead Fans, and it sounds like things happen much as some people were thinking, where he waits until the walkers are done chomping on Nicholas and then he hightails it beneath the dumpster that he fell off of. (Or maybe lowtails it is more correct.)

From there, he’s spotted by Enid, of all people, who is apparently hanging out on rooftops. She tosses him some water when he’s safe, which seems to imply that she’s not one of the Wolves, but maybe she’s just one of the nice ones. (In any case, it kind of sucks that such a B character is involved with this giant reveal.) From there, Glenn appears to make it somewhere around the outskirts of Alexandria, where he releases his balloons to signal to everyone that he survived his side mission.

We still have some questions after learning all this, of course. The biggest one involves whether or not he’s actually okay, as he could have still been bitten during that ordeal, or harmed in some other way. He definitely wouldn’t let an injury, no matter how severe, stop him from getting back to see Maggie and the rest of the group, so we’ll just have to wait and see if the only thing that ails him is homesickness.

That sort of feeds into our next question: will anybody even see his balloons? Things are pretty hectic in Alexandria and beyond, so while some have been waiting to see a sign that Glenn’s alive, there’s no guarantee that anyone will notice. Or maybe they do notice, and everyone assumes that he’s okay, and THEN he gets legitimately slaughtered by a pack of walkers. This would be a super cheap approach to his story, but one that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

If he does end up surviving past the midseason finale, it at least puts him back in line to get his head crushed in by Negan’s bat at the end of Season 6. Now, there’s always the chance that AMC will somehow switch up the episode to make audiences wait even longer, but we can count on this being the way in which Glenn’s story continues. Are you guys happy he’s still alive?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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