Watch All The Great Weather-Related TV Bloopers In One Giant Supercut

News broadcasts are not always the funniest segments to hit the airwaves, and weather forecasts are generally about as straightforward as TV reporting goes. Sometimes, however, something goes hilariously wrong on set and we get to see some live bloopers from professional newscasters to mix things up. Luckily for those of us who enjoy seeing some shenanigans with our forecasts, a giant supercut of water-related TV bloopers that clocks in at nearly twelve minutes has been compiled for our viewing pleasure. Check it out!

It’s hard to say which of the bloopers is funniest. The supercut offers such a wide variety that it’s tempting to just go back and watch the clip over and over again to make sure that a few gags weren’t missed due to being too busy laughing to catch them all. Between the accidental innuendoes, technical difficulties, goofy meteorologists, and even a particularly playful dog, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Of course, not all meteorologists are the same, and almost all of them deal with the unexpected twists in their normal forecasts differently. Those who manage to move past their gaffes seamlessly are certainly admirable; after all, who among us could really claim that accidentally encouraging umbrellas on an “erection day” wouldn’t give us the giggles for a few seconds?

The meteorologists who roll with the punches in this NewsBeFunny compilation and turn the missteps into mini sketches are pretty great, as well. It can’t be easy to turn a gaffe into something deliberately hilarious rather than something mostly embarrassing, but some seem as skilled with transforming mistakes into mini standup segments as they are with managing the green screen behind them. There are a lot of different ways that gaffes are handled, but these are among the best.

Of course, the video also brought in the Fox forecaster who has particular gusto with using Taylor Swift lyrics to spice up his report regarding the likely weather during one of her concerts. You remember the video. Fox 5 DC's Mike Thomas brought out all the Taylor Swift references, and then he did it again with Madonna:

All in all, the supercut of weather-related bloopers is definitely worth the twelve minutes that it takes to watch. The only real inconvenience is that the video is so entertaining that those twelve minutes could easily turn into twenty-four or thirty-six thanks to rewatching.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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