Watch Arrow And Atom Team Up In The Latest Trailer

Warning: spoilers for the Arrow episode “Public Enemy” and the rest of Season 3 are ahead!

Last night’s Arrow episode “Public Enemy” threw a lot at its fans, namely Quentin Lance and the rest of Starling City learning that Oliver Queen is The Arrow. After Lance initiated a manhunt for the vigilante, Oliver turned himself in to protect his friends, but the episode finished with Roy donning Oliver’s costume and taking the fall. As the show’s newest trailer shows us, the action won’t be dying down during Season 3’s final five episodes, so there is plenty to look forward to, including The Arrow and The Atom final joining forces. Take a look!

After battling each other in “Suicidal Tendencies,” Oliver and Ray seem to resolve their animosity towards one another. With Roy in prison, Oliver needs help taking down the metahuman Deathbolt, so he’ll ask Ray to assist him as The Atom. Fortunately, Ray is all healed thanks to his nano-bots and seems thrilled to have a team-up with the Emerald Archer. Ray’s enthusiasm with working with another superhero tells me that he and Barry Allen are going to get along great when he appears on The Flash in a couple weeks. You can also see at the 0:46 mark that Oliver is covered in LED devices while training, so perhaps Ray loaned out some of his technology to somehow assist Oliver with a future fight.

Arrow Oliver

This trailer offers plenty of other goodies, from Roy dealing with attacks in prison to Ra’s al Ghul paying a visit to Thea at her apartment and Malcolm Merlyn fighting off Ra’s’ forces. The biggest moment, however, is Oliver addressing the League of Assassins seemingly as their leader. Fans of The Flash noticed that Oliver was wearing League clothing when he popped up in the trailer this week, but Arrow’s trailer is hinting that might change his mind and accept Ra’s’ offer after all.

Arrow Woman

The biggest mystery from this preview is who the woman is that appears near the end. Perhaps it is Ra’s’ more famous daughter Talia al Ghul who is finally making her debut. Other possibilities might include Lady Shiva, an assassin from the comics who many fans have been hoping to see on Arrow, or perhaps someone affiliated with the mysterious organization H.I.V.E. dressed in League garb.

Arrow Felicity

And for all you Olicity fans out there, it looks like you’re in for a treat, as she and Oliver look to finally be taking the next step forward in their drawn-out will-they-won’t-they relationship, and in what looks like a League-decorated bedroom no less.

Arrow will return with new episodes on April 15.

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