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Budweiser is one of the highest selling beers in the United States, and, as such, its popularity has helped make its creative and frequently heart-tugging Super Bowl commercials ones to look out for every year. One of this year’s Super Bowl offerings is taking a slightly different tone by hitting back at the microbrewery trend (even though the company already got some heat for their opposition to craft beer last year) and trying to show themselves as the superior beer. Take a look.

Well, this commercial, posted on the Budweiser YouTube page two days ahead of the game, certainly shows that the company is quite sure of their supremacy. Especially when it comes to big beer versus microbrews.

The spot starts off with calming shots of adorable Clydesdale noses, a shot of a city skyline taken through the red neon glow of a Budweiser sign at night and people in an auditorium setting up for an event. But, then, the music starts to grow, and that music is no joke, people. The sound is hard-driving, bass-heavy and absolutely meant to steal attention away from whatever else you might consider doing while the commercial is on (like, say, getting some more nachos or heading to the bathroom). The accompanying video shots also get more and more frenetic to match the pulse of the music.

Each quick video isn’t just driven by the music, though. Oh, no. Budweiser wants to tell a complete story with this commercial, so every segment has a card telling us why Bud is the better product. We start off with NOT PONIES as the Clydesdales run their giant horse asses off, hooves all a’stompin’. NOT A HOBBY shows off the immense rooms filled with massive tanks that they brew the product in. This is opposed to, you know, that room you’ve seen at the back of your local microbrewery, no bigger than a generously sized living room, which holds maybe five tanks for making beer. Sissies.

Their business is NOT SMALL and the product is NOT SIPPED by beer lovers either. It’s a huge enterprise that leads drinkers to celebratory heights, whether they’re guzzling at a hard rock show or spraying the drink in triumphant glory. Bud is NOT SOFT, NOT IMPORTED and NOT A FRUIT CUP. All those fizzy little micobrews need to stand aside, the ad says. We’re tough, we’re American, and you better not bring fruit near our glass, ‘cause we’ll flick it off like a dirty bug at a picnic.

Budweiser is NOT FOLLOWING, they lead the pack, baby. Not like every little schmo who decides that if his cousin Bart can make beer in his basement, so can he. And, while the company acknowledges that they are NOT FOR EVERYONE, Bud is so badass that they don’t really care, because they are NOT BACKING DOWN. That’s right, Budweiser will continue their steps toward total world domination, which has been the plan since 1876.

So, will this ad piss people off like the commercial from last year's Super Bowl? We'll see. But, even if it does, if this commercial doesn’t get your attention on Super Bowl Sunday, you’re probably not paying attention to anything. Meaning you might have already had too much Bud, if there even is such a thing.