Watch Chris Pratt Show Off A Hysterical British Accent Learned From Reality TV

Chris Pratt has been on a promotional tour for his upcoming sure-to-be blockbuster hit, Jurassic World. And the world’s most adorable goofball has been playing up his lovable sense of humor any instance he gets. This time around, Pratt joined a few other stars on the BBC talk show The Graham Norton Show, and when prompted about a certain guilty pleasure British reality TV show, Pratt had to show off what he’d learned. Check it out.

While filming Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt spent a lot of time in England. So, what’s a guy to do when he has some free time? Watch TV of course. Pratt and wife, Anna Harris, started to get really into the ITV2 British reality TV show called The Only Way Is Essex, otherwise known as TOWIE. In the interview he explains that it is pretty much England’s equivalent to Jersey Shore. So, when Pratt explains that he used the show to practice a British accent, Graham Norton pushed the Parks and Rec star to share. Pratt was obviously a bit hesitant, being that he is performing this to a bunch of Brits, but, he completely nailed it, with a spot-on Essex accent. Even Jude Law and John Bishop applauded in amazement. The best reaction was definitely Bishop’s though, as he makes sure to point out to Pratt:

I love the fact that you spent months in Britain and that's what you took back.

Yes, maybe Pratt could’ve spent a little more time exploring Britain rather than watching it on a scripted reality TV show. But, it is impressive how true to TOWIE that accent is. Pratt really wasn’t kidding when he said he practiced. Here’s a clip from the series so you can compare:

Pratt is a comedic actor, no doubt. His portrayal of Andy Dwyer on NBC’s Parks and Recreation was one of the funniest characters, on a show loaded with seasoned comedians. And though he brings some of his quirkiness to his newly gained roles such as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, the actor is taking steps to even more dramatic roles, such as his upcoming character Owen Grady, the dinosaur trainer in Jurassic World. We’ve seen snippets of Chris Pratt humor shine through in the trailer for the upcoming feature, but it is definitely showing another side to the funny man that we can’t wait to see. Hopefully, this can pave the way for even more interesting roles for Pratt. Though, we certainly don’t want to leave comedy out of the docket.

You can catch Pratt take on a big, bad hybrid dino in Jurassic World hitting theaters June 12.