Watch Chris Pratt Get Drunk, Explain How To Act

Chris Pratt is probably the one actor in Hollywood that we’d all like to share a drink with. He just looks like a fun man. However it appears as though the Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World star can’t actually handle his liquor all that well, because the video below shows him trying to explain how to act while drunk, and he makes no sense. It does, however, make for sensational viewing.

So what did we really learn from Chris Pratt’s various life lessons while intoxicated in this GQ video? Well, first off, he really, really, really likes Fireball Whiskey. After admitting to the camera that he was absolutely blasted because he’d just devoured a full bottle of the lethal sauce, he took it upon himself to explain how to act. Naturally, it all is set to a glorious country soundtrack that I’m 100 percent certain every single one of you couldn’t help but tap your toes to.

Among of the scenarios that Chris Pratt acts out for us is how one should respond when you’re at a Jamba Juice and you see a T-Rex. Now, while this situation is unlikely, Chris Pratt showed that all you need to do to keep it under control is emotively proclaim, "Oh shit! There’s a T-Rex." Problem solved. But how about when you’re in the desert and you see a snake? Simple: just lift up your feet in a dancing motion and scream out expletives.

Chris Pratt then took a detour into less action based scenes, and focused on how to excel in dramatic scenarios. After explaining that you should just straight up lie if being pulled over by a police car with a glove-box packed with weed, he revealed that the same goes for if you forget your wife’s birthday. Meanwhile, if your children ask where babies come from, just be honest. I’m going to jump in here and declare that you should probably do the complete opposite in each of these incidents, otherwise you’ll almost definitely be arrested, get divorced, and lose the respect of your children.

Chris Pratt will, of course, next be seen in Jurassic World, which will see him at one with the raptors and trying to stop a giant, hybrid beast from wreaking havoc on the island. He looks like he’s going to be pretty darn charismatic while doing it too.

Jurassic World is finally going to be released on June 12th, and you can expect a lot more coverage from us in the coming weeks as a result.

Gregory Wakeman