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High School Musical actor Corbin Bleu is super into Game Of Thrones. To put it in a technical sense, it’s his “all-time favorite show on television right now.” Consequently, when his Dancing With The Stars partner Karina Smirnoff told him they’d be dancing the Viennese Waltz to the show’s theme song, he immediately knew what he had to do: wear a costume and do his Khal Drogo voice as many times during rehearsal as possible.

The deepening of his voice led to more than a few pained reaction shots from Smirnoff (who hasn’t seen the show but knows it’s “like fantasy or adventure”), but she was a good sport about it and agreed to play the Khaleesi to Bleu’s Drogo. As you can tell by the above footage, the final result went pretty well. The judges may have been a bit nitpicky about straight lines during the routine, but the crowd was clearly eating it up and so were the performers. Considering the scoring system places way more of an emphasis on fan approval anyway, they probably made the right call.

If ever evidence was needed as to how popular Game Of Thrones has become, this dance more than offers it. I love Dancing With The Stars to death, but that is a show specifically designed to appeal to older people from Middle America. Damn near every single one of my family members from Indiana have watched pretty much every single season. So, the fact that producers gave this rather nerdy and seemingly niche dance the thumbs up means they feel a majority of viewers either watch the show or are familiar enough with its awesomeness to appreciate a Viennese Waltz based on a Season 1 story arc.

To check out some more incredible dance moves from Corbin, you can watch him dancing the jive alongside Karina from the second week of Season 17…