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Watch Daniel Radcliffe And More React To Truly Outrageous Mean Tweets

If you’ve even barely paid attention to Jimmy Kimmel Live! over the years, you know that he takes pleasure in tricking people in a variety of different ways, as well as making famous folks read horrible things about themselves on Twitter. And this latest batch of Mean Tweets is possibly the funniest one yet, as celebs like Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Banks and Julia Louis-Dreyfus react to some of the outside world’s most truly heinous social media quips. Grab some popcorn.

I mean, for reals, people seem to have less chill every year that passes. So many of these celebrities were thrown under the bus for their appearances, and we don’t even get to see pics of those tweeting for comparison’s sake. If you say that Lake Bell looks like a leather boot or that Radcliffe is as attractive as an aardvark, you should also offer up a shot of yourself so that people can say, “Oh, that person is pretty/handsome enough to cast judgment on people they don’t know.” That’s how the world works, right? Am I in error? Also, how is it possible for someone to hate Key & Peele?

Of course, people that are in the limelight for the majority of their lives have undoubtedly heard these kinds of things for years. As such, many of them understandably just laugh the nonsense off, like Liv Tyler when that person called her father Stephen Tyler a giant ball sac, or Michael B. Jordan’s reaction to someone hating on his mustache. How can Julia Louis-Dreyfus get sincerely mad for someone telling her to retire already? As well, it’s hard to actually get offended by some of them, as that comment about Kirsten Dunst’s teeth looking like Tic Tacs throwing gang signs is so absurd that it’s impossible to take seriously. I can’t imagine how many times Matthew Perry gets railed on for his Chandler-ish quirks, so he probably has to take them all in stride.

Of course, the absolute best one of the bunch comes from American Horror Story: Hotel star Sarah Paulson, who doesn’t just laugh at being called annoying while letting it slide off her back. Instead, she smiles as she puts a verbal boot up that Twitter user’s backside, and it’s quite possibly my favorite thing she’s ever done. This quote is one for the ages.

Bite me, motherfucker. That’s how I feel about that. Bite me in the fucking asshole.

Sarah Paulson the actress should be a character on American Horror Story’s next season. But regardless of what happens on that show, you can catch more celeb haranguing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! every weeknight on ABC.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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