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Watch How Jennifer Lawrence Reacts When Someone Asks If She'd Hook Up With Bieber

Every time a famous couple splits up after many years together, people like to say that romance is dead. On the contrary, love and romance are very much alive all over the world. Just not so much in any part of the world where Jennifer Lawrence might be sharing close quarters with Justin Bieber. Check out Lawrence’s blunt response when asked on Watch What Happens Live if she would ever get it on with Bieber.

Boom! Bam! Kaplowie! I think Nero was playing his violin during that burn. I hope Bieber’s got a pair of boxers with J-Law’s booty on them, cause that’s the only way he’s getting in there. The North Pole on Hoth isn’t as icy as that response. If that response was a bullet, it would be a 50 cal., and it would laugh as it shredded one’s torso. That “no” was harder than…well, that one is too easy.

Now, I realize in the grand scheme of things that Justin Bieber probably won’t be too upset when he gets wind of this, even if he was quoted as saying he thought Lawrence was attractive. The guy probably only has to walk about 20 steps before stumbling headfirst into a potential sexual encounter, so even a denial as large-scale as this isn’t all that epic in the long run. And it’s not like I really have that much invested in the Biebs’ sex life, regardless of what it sounds like. I’m serious!

Still, I’m glad that his life led him to a point where the thought of doing him makes Jennifer Lawrence make this multi-emotion face.


That wasn’t the only romance-centric question that Lawrence fessed up to with Andy Cohen, although the outcome of this one was much more positive. When asked if she and Hunger Games franchise co-star Liam Hemsworth ever got smoochy when the cameras weren’t rolling, Lawrence sheepishly copped to it. She also had a surprising answer involving getting high before a certain awards show. Check out that clip below.

Will Andy Cohen host a celebrity that will admit to wanting to tap Bieber’s ass? Does everyone get blazed before winning Oscars? Possibly find out that and more when Watch What Happens Live airs nightly on Bravo. It will return from winter break on Sunday, January 3.

Nick Venable

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