Watch Jessica Simpson Slur Her Words, Act Like A Mess Live On HSN

Jessica Simpson, a celebrity not exactly known for her eloquence and ability to quote Proust on command, took things up (or down) a notch on HSN on Thursday evening, when she appeared to be intoxicated in some way while advertising her clothing collection’s “Kiss Me” Super Skinny Gray Jeans. Check out the video below and judge for yourself what was going on.

She definitely wasn’t speaking concisely, as she told a story about how her sister Ashlee and her husband Evan Ross wear each other’s jeans, and how she thinks gray jeans are sexy. But was the slurring and verbal misfiring actually because of behind-the-scenes drinking, or was it something more innocent, like a gas leak inside the studio that only affected Simpson? As far as Twitter and the rest of the Internet was concerned, she was probably trashed.

But as you can imagine, those close to Simpson are saying that this wasn’t the case at all, and that she wasn’t imbibing during the two-hour taping. According to TMZ, sources said that Simpson’s “giggling and slurring is just a part of her personality that surfaces from time to time,” and that she was mostly lucid and normal for the rest of the segment. I mean, live TV is almost never entirely perfect, especially when you’re basically talking about the same thing over and over again, as it happens on HSN. So this could absolutely just be a case of Simpson being more bubbly than normal.

Oh, look, there’s another video for you to watch.

For their part, HSN isn’t interested in even talking about what anyone thinks about Jessica Simpson’s state of mind, and they only wanted to enforce the fact that they enjoyed working with her. Here was their statement.

It was fun to have Jessica make her HSN debut with her mother, Tina, last night. We were happy to host them and thrilled with the way customers responded to the collection.

Money definitely talks in a situation like this, and money never slurs. Of course, I don’t really understand why people would have a problem with Simpson knocking back a couple of margaritas before going on the air anyway. The prospect of hocking goods for two hours on TV doesn’t seem like the easiest thing to do without mental lubrication.

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