Watch Jimmy Fallon And Will Smith Perform The Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dancing

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon made its grand debut tonight, with host Jimmy Fallon bringing a fan-favorite segment to the late night talk show. Fallon celebrated the "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" following his opening monologue tonight, and enlisted the help of Will Smith for the nearly three-minute segment, which you can watch above. Bringing this segment to the first episode seems like a great indication that fans of Late Night will find some of the same humor they've come to know and love from Jimmy Fallon over the years.

Dressed in overalls -- with one strap hanging down -- Smith and Fallon demonstrated everything from "The Running Man" to "The Robot" to the less official "I'm about to Break Dance" movie, and the classic "Kid 'n Play" dance. There was the "Hey Ho" and the "MC Hammer" as well as "The Humpty Dance, along with the angry "Fish Eye" move. And, as we might have hoped, the two broke out "The Carlton," the hilarious dance named after and made famous by Alfonso Ribeiro's character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

Will Smith was into all of the dances on the list, until it came around to twerking. That's where he drew the line and left the stage.

Will Smith isn't the first famous person to show off their moves with Fallon. During Late Night, Fallon has been joined by Justin Timberlake and Michelle Obama in the past to demonstrate some other types of dance moves. Check them out below...

Evolution of Mom Dancing:

Evolution of Dad dancing:

Evolution of End Zone dancing:

Michelle Obama will be among the guests set to appear on The Tonight Show this week. Think Jimmy might be able to get her to dance again? View the guest line-up for the first two weeks of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon here.

And if apps are your thing, learn all about the new app for The Tonight Show here.


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