Watch The Office Series Finale Full Episode Here

NBC aired the final episode of The Office last night, closing out the Dunder Mifflin saga for once and for all. While we're told we'll need to wait a bit longer to hear the ratings results for the episode, which ran an extra fifteen minutes over the originally planned hour, NBC wasted no time getting the episode posted online for those who missed it or want to watch it over and over again.

Read no further if you haven't seen the finale yet!

The Office wrapped up its finale season by picking up a year later and focusing on the aftermath of the documentary as well as Dwight and Angela's wedding. Between the reunion special and the wedding, there was ample reason for the Dunder Mifflin staff to come together, including those who had departed Scranton for one reason or another. Michael Scott was among the returners, showing up just in time to stand next to Dwight during his wedding. In the end, the finale took great care to visit each our beloved Dunder Mifflinites and offer closure to their stories - or at the very least, leave some open-ended resolution, with mostly positive endings for everyone. I'm not sure Toby will ever be truly happy, but at least he felt wanted at the end, even if he does have to go back to New York and his six roommates.

We broke down the character updates to discuss where each of them left off in the finale. Read all about that here. And you can read our more thorough review of the finale here.

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