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Watch Paula Abdul Remake Opposites Attract With James Corden

If James Corden has made a name for himself as anything, it is as a person who will do just about anything imaginable in the name of comedy and entertainment, and we will hopefully have many more years with him on the late night scene. His latest foray into giving it his all came in the form of an all-live-action recreation of Paula Abdul’s seminal (or something) music video for “Opposites Attract.” I may not know art, but I know that this is on the same city block as art.

I didn’t know my life needed this, but after watching it five times, I can attest that it’s is better than most air and water. I’m not entirely sure why “Opposites Attract” was the song to go with here, since it’s 26 years old, but I think it probably has something to do with Corden already having an MC Skat Kat costume in his closet, along with all the dance skills necessary to pull this recreation off. I mean, you don’t just accidentally fall into this kind of performance.

The resemblance between these two isn’t uncanny, but it’s something.


It’s awesome just how much choreography went into this clip, and it’s great to see that Corden can work it just as easily as Abdul, who hasn’t lost a step. Speaking of steps, the one part from the video I wished they’d spent more time doing was the part on the stairs, especially since they used the staircase to get into the crowd. But then that makes me someone who judges things based on how closely they resemble the “Opposites Attract” video, and that’s not exactly the most promising way to live life. At least Corden brought a bong into it. Check out the full original video below.

Corden is a big fan of bringing music into his Late Late Show bits. We’ve seen him sing karaoke in the car with Justin Bieber and others, go head to head against Anna Kendrick for a riff-off, and pit beat boxing family members against one another. And it helps that the always imaginative Reggie Watts is his bandleader.

Now if we could only get Corden to do musical versions of the similarly part-animated Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Cool World. Anything could happen, and you can find out what he’s doing next when The Late Late Show with James Corden (opens in new tab) airs every weeknight on CBS.

Nick Venable
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