Watch The Simpsons Mock Donald Trump's Woes In New Promo

It’s been a rough time for The Donald. Since announcing his 2016 run for President of the United States, Donald Trump has come under fire for his controversial views in immigration, got canned by NBC, and the Miss USA pageant, which he co-owns, was dropped by NBCUniversal. And it’s apparently not getting any easier, as The Simpsons have now taken aim at the business mogul, roundly mocking him in this new promo.

The video doesn’t have anything to do with Trump being fired, or even his politics (okay, a little bit on both counts—that cancelled NBC parking pass has to sting a little). Instead they take aim at perhaps his most obvious feature, that notorious mound of hair on top of his head that has been the butt of jokes going back a long as he’s been a part of the public consciousness.

After taking a chance to earn a few extra bucks holding a sign at a Trump rally, our favorite yellow, four-fingered nuclear safety inspector, and animated father figure, Homer Simpson, has a chance encounter with the aforementioned mane, and, well, lets just say that things take a turn for the strange.

We all knew that there had to be something magical and otherworldly about that carefully coifed do. Nothing short of sheer sorcery—whether good or evil remains to be seen—could possibly keep that thing in place, and now we knew exactly what’s going on between those shellacked layers. We all know we’re not supposed to stare directly at it, like the sun, but when it sucks Homer into its depths, we can see that it’s also home to a great many creatures, including Sasquatch, not to mention it’s the final resting place of Amelia Earhart. No wonder no one has ever been able to find her, no one thought to look deep into The Donald’s head.

All in all, this winds up being a rather surreal adventure for Homer, though, to be fair, he’s been on a sizeable number of crazy trips. After all, who can forget what happens to him after he ate some of Chief Wiggum’s Guatemalan insanity pepper-infused chili? I hope he didn’t brain his damage.

After talking to a space coyote voiced by legendary country singer Johnny Cash, and breaking the sun like light bulb, wandering through the dense follicle forest atop Donald Trump’s scalp has to be like a walk in the park for Homer.

The Simpsons recently wrapped up their 26th, with 27 already in the works—with Harry Shearer reportedly back in the fold once again—and set to premiere on September 27.

Brent McKnight