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Few things make us as happy as we get when Terry Crews is doing something silly. And if it also happens to include him utilizing his bonkers physique, I don’t think anyone would start the complaints there. Below is a Christmas-themed promo from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which the world gets to witness Andy Samberg conducting Crews’ pectoral muscles to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”
I’ve always wondered how people feel when others ask them to make their pec muscles pop, and it takes a certain extension of gall to propose that those pops must be done to the tune of a song. But at least they went with a relatively easy and universally known ditty like “Jingle Bells” for him to show off his talents. Things might have taken a different turn had the song been a complicated EDM banger or something from the thrash metal genre. Not that I’m doubting Crews could pull it off.

Terry and Chelsea Peretti’s Gina share some of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s best chemistry, and I’d totally be down with the two of them putting together an entire album full of Christmas standards (and maybe more), with the Lady Dancing in the Red Dress emoji as the cover. This album would have to come with not only audio files, but videos, too, since shots like this don’t show up over the radio.


Crews has been using all or parts of his torso to entertain audiences for a while now, from shirtless lip syncing to promoting Old Spice in the weirdest ways conceivable. Hell, I’m partly surprised that his stint hosting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? didn’t take place at a gym or at the beach. “Is that (right pec pop) your final (left pec pop) answer?” Missed opportunities, TV execs.

So you see, Virginia, it doesn’t matter if there’s really a Santa Claus or not, because there is a Terry Crews, and while he probably won’t be going down your chimney (even If he could fit), you can still find him in movies and TV shows. Like, say, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Watch the remainder of Season 3 play out when it returns to Fox on Tuesday, January 5, making the jump from Sunday to accompany the debut of New Girl Season 5.