Watch Terry Crews Watch His Insane Brazilian Old Spice Commercial

How can you tell that Terry Crews is one of the most enjoyable actors working right now? Because as fun as it is to watch his bonkers Old Spice commercials, it’s nearly just as fun to watch him watching himself in those commercials. It takes talent. Check him out on Conan in the clip below.

I have few regrets – okay, I have tons, but that’s subject matter best saved for the other site I write for, Self-ActualizationBlend – but I’m not pleased that my life has taken such turns that I may never live to see the day when a commercial I’m starring in is dubbed over in what I’ll refer to as Hyper-Brazilian. In fact, I probably won’t see any of my phone videos or anything else I’ve done getting dubbed in a foreign language either. Such is my life of not being Terry Crews.

What I’m waiting for now is a video of Crews over-dubbing this guy with his own Brazilian accent, which should give this commercial a texture that’s even weirder than it already is. Can Terry Crews play Terry Crews as well as Terry Crews plays Terry Crews? We may never know.

It’s disappointing that a Brazilian version of this Old Spice commercial is the only one that was shown, as it would presumably be great to see what this would sound like in Italian or Spanish. I assume that the Korean version would feature an animated version of Crews that doesn’t really look like him selling a product that isn’t actually Old Spice. And it would possibly be more amazing than the real thing.

Crews, a professional (to me) lip syncer, has been in quite a few Old Spice commercials over the years, with several of them taking advantage of his pop-and-lock pecs. The latest batch of ads have seen him come together with the former Old Spice pitchman Isaiah Mustafa for a series of dependably batty ads asking people to make a Smellmitment between the scents Bearglove, Timber and Swagger. Enjoy one of the latest ones below.

I can’t imagine that people from other countries look at these commercials and think, “Now there’s a country that’s mentally fit to be a world superpower.” But that’s just how Old Spice swings.

If you’re looking to find Terry Crews somewhere outside of a TV space that’s trying to get you to buy smells, find him every Sunday night on Fox for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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