Watch The Undertaker Piledrive A Turkey On The Tonight Show

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, everybody is currently offering up thanks and preparing for one of the biggest feast days of the year. Of course, some people are handling things differently, as seen on The Tonight Show, in which the WWE superstar The Undertaker came out and put his signature tombstone piledriver to work on a guy dressed up like a turkey. That’s some next level holiday spirit. Check it out!

In a moment of absolute non-spontaneity, Jimmy Fallon pulls a bonkers choice from the show’s suggestion box in which someone asked to see…well, the Undertaker doing the tombstone to a guy in a turkey costume. There weren’t too many other ways for this to happen beyond exactly what was seen on the show, but that definitely doesn’t take away from how damned cool and absurd it is anyway.

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic wrestlers in the history of the sport, and for so many years, it’s been his absolute seriousness that has made him so intimidating. (Except for that run when he was like a biker guy instead of a spooky guy, which was just weird.) Even when his costume had a lot of bright purple in it, the Undertaker was still a disturbing force to be reckoned with. And so even though watching him beat up a man-sized turkey does very little for his credibility as a total badass, it doesn’t hurt it, either. After all, maybe that turkey guy was some kind of a thief that definitely needed to be knocked out so that his stuffing-filled crime spree would come to an end. Likely? No.

Just because, let’s relive that Tonight Show moment over and over again for the rest of time.


If only Jimmy Fallon’s hands weren’t injured, he might have been able to run out there and get into the action himself.

This is far from the only time that the WWE entered into other realms of pop culture, and vice versa. You might remember that Jon Stewart had a little beef going on with Seth Rollins and then John Cena, and Arrow star Stephen Amell had a back-and-forth with Stardust. Maybe for New Year’s Eve, we’ll get to see Daniel Bryan making his way to New York City to put the Times Square ball in a Yes Lock.

Nick Venable
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