Woman Cancels Cable, Comcast Changes Her Name On Her Last Bill To A Swear Word

Many of us know how troublesome attempting to cancel cable can be, as services are known to shuffle us from person to person as they attempt to incentivize us to keep the service. But one Spokane, Washington woman just got an added insult after successfully canceling her cable. When the next bill showed up, it was sent to one “Asshole Brown.”

Obviously, Comcast subscriber Lisa Brown was displeased when the bill showed up. Apparently, she spent the next day visiting the local Comcast office to complain about the bill. She told Boarding Area she even reached out to the higher-ups at the regional office. But her account still showed her name as “Asshole Brown.” Eventually, the whole thing went viral after Comcast admitted the bill hadn’t been doctored.


What happened next was an unexpected move from Comcast’s top people.

Comcast’s customer service isn’t known for being the best ever, but Comcast’s vice president of communications Steve Kipp apologized to Lisa Brown, stating that her bill had been fixed and that they were extremely sorry she had to deal with getting called a rude and insensitive name by a Comcast employee. In addition, the company volunteered to waive her $60 cancellation fee and promised to look into the matter and fire the employee that had wronged her. But for Lisa Brown, none of that was good enough. The woman demanded the cable company refund her the money for the last two years of service. Shockingly, Comcast complied.

Look, Comcast and cable companies in general can be extremely difficult to work with. There are layers and layers of people to talk to before you can accomplish anything, and it can often be a frustrating and emotional experience. We all get that. No one likes dealing with the huge conglomerate cable and Internet companies, especially when we can afford not to. Plenty of people have even cut their cable bills so they never have to worry about additional charges or sneaky behavior. But, if we’re being honest, there’s almost no possible way Brown wasn’t difficult to deal with on the phone, too. These people spend all day canceling accounts. You probably don’t get your name changed to asshole unless you were at least a little difficult to work with.

That being said, there’s no point in defending Comcast. Their customer service is repeatedly voted the worst in the United States, and they deserve all of the negative press coming to them. Clearly, something is rotten inside the customer service department. Here’s to hoping this is the wake up call the company so desperately needs.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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