8 Actors You Probably Forgot Were On That '70s Show

Dwayne Johnson in That '70s Show.
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When it comes to the iconic sitcoms of the late 1990s and early 2000s, one that always pops into my mind is That ‘70s Show, a sitcom featuring a group of teenagers living in the 1970s and learning to grow up in this crazy decade. There's a new spinoff, That ‘90s Show, in production, so it’s only fair that we revisit this great comedy. 

With eight seasons under its belt, there were plenty of random guest stars on That '70s Show, from eventual big-time movie stars to TV legends, none of whom were that big at the time, and you might have forgotten they even appeared on the show. If you’re looking to see who guest starred on the series, here are eight actors that you might have forgotten about. 

Dwayne Johnson in That '70s Show.

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Dwyane Johnson - Rocky Johnson

Now, Dwayne Johnson is a household name. He’s popular on social media, is a box-office and streaming magnet, and has a hilarious friendship with Kevin Hart. Everyone probably knows about this wrestler-turned-movie star nowadays, as Johnson's starred in some amazing movies and explored multiple different business ventures, but there was a time where Dwayne Johnson was mostly just known as The Rock in the WWE

One of his first roles ever was actually portraying his father, Rocky Johnson, another big-time wrestler, during the That ‘70s Show episode, “That Wrestling Show,” in Season 1. It’s always fun to look back on this episode and think of how far he has come as an actor. 

The Sprouse Twins in That '70s Show.

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The Sprouse Twins - Bobby And Billy

Before Dylan and Cole Sprouse became huge from their mega-popular Disney Channel show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, they had a small appearance on That ‘70s Show, in the episode, “Eric’s Depression,” during Season 4, where they are featured in some hilarious scenes alongside Kelso in the Funland amusement park. 

I’m sure at this point, you’ve heard of the Sprouse twins. As popular as the Olsen twins, in my opinion, both Dylan and Cole Sprouse have gone on to do many things in the spotlight. Cole Sprouse became even bigger by joining the Riverdale cast and has played Jughead Jones for six seasons now (and counting). Dylan Sprouse has starred in several movies like After We Collided and The Curse of Turandot. 

As someone who grew up watching both of them on television, I loved watching this episode with them as little kids. It’s so cool to remember how much they’ve done since then. 

Yvette Nicole Brown in That '70s Show.

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Yvette Nicole Brown - Sgt. Davis

You know, I have seen Yvette Nicole Brown everywhere on TV, in so many different shows, from the Nickelodeon series, Drake and Josh, the cast of Community, to her several guest appearances on The Talking Dead as a Walking Dead superfan. However, when she was first starting out on TV, she had a guest role in That ‘70s Show, during the episode, “You’re My Best Friend” in Season 8. 

It’s so funny to re-watch her as Sgt. Davis, as even then you can clearly see her personality shine through on the screen for the small time she’s there. I always love watching her act. 

Jenna Fischer in That '70s Show.

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Jenna Fischer - Stacy Wanamaker 

Before she became one-half of the most famous couple on The Office as Pam Beesley, Jenna Fischer had a guest role on That ‘70s Show, where she played Stacy Wanamaker in the episode, “Don’t Lie to Me,” during Season 7. 

Her character owned a bridal store and was the complete opposite of the sweetheart that Pam Beesley is - a snob who warns Jackie that she should find someone to marry before her ‘expiration date.’ Just shows how great of an actress Jenna Fischer is. 

Amy Adams in That '70s Show.

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Amy Adams - Kat Peterson

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Amy Adams was a huge part of my childhood, starring in films like Enchanted (which is getting a sequel soon) and The Muppet Movie, while later taking on more mature work in films like Arrival and shows such as Sharp Objects. 

But, before her big break, she had a guest role on That ‘70s Show in the Season 2 episode, “Burning Down the House,” portraying Kat Peterson, one of the most popular girls at school, whom Jackie wants to impress. 

Fun fact - this was actually Amy Adams’ first-ever television role. It’s insane to remember how much she has accomplished as an actress since this first appearance. 

Rachel Bilson in That '70s Show.

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Rachel Bilson - Christy

While many probably know Rachel Bilson from her famous role as Summer Roberts as part of The O.C. cast, when she was first beginning that role, she had a guest-spot on That ‘70s Show. She portrayed Christy, a guest at Mitch’s wedding in the Season 6 episode, “5:15.”

It’s always fun to re-watch the episode and see how she was only interested in speaking to Fez (played by Wilmer Valderrama) when he started acting as if he was rich. Gotta love a gold-digger - and Bilson played it perfectly. 

Jim Rash in That '70s Show.

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Jim Rash - Fenton 

Before he was the Dean in the Community cast, Jim Rash played Fenton in That ‘70s Show, a character that would pop up every now and again at a jewelry store, beginning in Season 5 and helping Eric (originally) to buy Donna’s engagement ring. However, he soon becomes the landlord for both Fez and Kelso. 

As someone who had no idea who he was when I originally watched That '70s Show, it’s a joy to re-watch this show again as a Community fan and see him as Fenton. His character is so different from the Dean in Community, and that shows off his acting skills. 

Leslie David Baker in That '70s Show.

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Leslie David Baker - Janitor

Last but not least, we have Leslie David Baker, who portrayed a janitor in the That ‘70s Show episode, “Backstage Pass,” during Season 3. While Leslie David Baker is known more for his iconic role as Stanley Hudson as part of The Office cast, it’s always fun to revisit his small guest role in this show before he became known for that part, and his one little scene with Eric always makes me snicker. 

There are plenty of other fun guest stars who appeared on the show, such as Betty White, Alice Cooper, and many others, but these are some of my personal favorites that you might have forgotten about. Be sure to keep an eye out for them on your next re-watch of That '70s Show.

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