Netflix’s That ‘90s Show Is Now In Production, See How Its Two That ‘70s Show Alums Celebrated

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It was just back in early October that Netflix gave fans of That ‘70s Show some great news that likely made up (a bit) for the streamer dumping the series from its lineup. We’ll now be getting to revisit some of the good folks in Point Place, Wisconsin with That ‘90s Show, which will follow Donna and Eric’s daughter, Leia, as she visits her grandparents, Kitty and Red Forman, for the summer. Luckily, That ‘90s Show is already in production, and we can see how Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty) and Kurtwood Smith (Red) celebrated. 

How Debra Jo Rupp And Kurtwood Smith Celebrated That ‘90s Show Starting Production

Eager viewers who’ve been keeping up with news about That ‘90s Show will know that Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith will be starring in the spinoff to anchor a new cast of teens who’ll be hanging out down the street. The duo is also executive producing the new series, and you can tell they’re both pretty giddy about stepping back into their roles. Rupp took to Instagram to share the news that production had finally started with this easy, breezy post:

Well…HELLO, WISCONSIN! While this isn’t the most revealing post to announce that a series has started filming, we should all take Rupp’s gleefully smiling emoji as a good sign that the actress is very happy about bringing Kitty back to the small screen (especially considering that she slyly teased this return about a year ago). From the looks of the photo, I would guess that it was taken at a table read for the first installment of the 10-episode season, meaning that things are rolling right along for That ‘90s Show, just like one of Hyde’s fat doobies.

While Rupp and Kurtwood Smith are currently the only returning players from That ‘70s Show who’ve been confirmed to appear on the spinoff, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that others could show up. For his part, Smith also sent followers word on the beginning of production via his Instagram account, and did a bit more to tie this new experience to his memories of the first series:

The original series focused on the daily lives of Eric Forman (Topher Grace) and his buddies, smart girl next door / crush Donna (Laura Prepon), dumb pretty boy Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), vain rich girl Jackie (Mila Kunis), tropey foreign exchange horndog Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), and the previously mentioned Hyde (Danny Masterson). Grace is currently in his second season on the ABC comedy Home Economics, while Valderrama has been helping to hold down the military crime-solving fort on NCIS for several seasons, and Prepon is well known to Netflix watchers as a former star of Orange is the New Black

Meanwhile, Kutcher and Kunis eventually took their on-screen coupling as Jackie and Kelso to the real world, and if they can do a Cheetos commercial together it would seem they could make time for a cameo on That ‘90s Show. The only member of the original, main That ‘70s Show cast who is very unlikely to return would be Masterson, who is set to begin trial on three counts of rape later this year, but did seem thrilled that the spinoff was officially happening.

But, even if we don’t see Donna, Eric, or any of the now fully grown ‘70s teens return for That ‘90s Show, we do have a glowing new cast of youngsters to anticipate, with The Lost Husband’s Callie Haverda leading the way as Leia Forman. While we wait to hear more about That ‘90s Show, you can see what else is new on the streaming service with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule, and look at all of the new and returning arrivals to television with the TV premiere schedule!

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