Teen series have been a staple of TV programming for decades, ranging from the scandalous Beverly Hills 90210 to the somewhat more family-friendly Dawson's Creek and the last five years or so have seen shows Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars attract surprisingly sizable audiences. One of the most addictively entertaining teen dramas since the advent of the teen drama, though, was definitely The O.C. on Fox.

The O.C. followed troubled young Ryan Atwood as he's taken in from the wrong side of the tracks by the wealthy Cohen family to live in the posh Orange County of California. Although the Cohens were good to Ryan, some of the other rich folks in the area didn't take so kindly to the rough and tough teen joining their community. It was a show with a great young cast, surprisingly compelling storylines, and a killer soundtrack, and though it ended after four seasons, the legacy will live on so nobody forgets the show that spawned the epic "Mmm, whatcha say" spoofs. For a blast from the O.C. past, take a look at the cast then and what they're up to now!

Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie played troubled youth/heartthrob Ryan Atwood, who made the move from the poor side of Chino to Orange County. After Ryan was arrested for theft, his appointed attorney Sandy Cohen took him home to meet his future BFF Seth and eventual adoptive mom Kirsten. Despite getting into some rumbles early on, he found friends in the crowd of rich kids. McKenzie moved to film for a few years after the end of The O.C. in 2007, then returned to the small screen to spend five seasons from 2009 - 2013 as police officer Ben Sherman on TNT's Southland. His next big role came when he was cast as Jim Gordon in 2014 for Fox's Gotham, which has been renewed for a third season. Interestingly, Gotham is McKenzie's second DC Comics role. He voiced Batman in the direct-to-video movie Batman: Year One.

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