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After Adding Pants To Her Wardrobe, A Duggar Daughter Is All-In On Shorts Now (And People Are Loving It)

Those of you who have kept tabs on the Duggars for a long time should know that modesty is the name of the game, particularly where the outfits the Duggar daughters wore were involved. However, as members of the family -- from Jessa to Jinger and others in between -- have grown up and established their own rules and families, Jim Bob’s famous fashion rules have gone by the wayside somewhat. In fact, we’ve seen Duggar sisters and grandkids wearing pants over the last couple of years, and now Jinger Duggar Vuolo has gone all out and gotten into the shorts game. People seem to really dig the new look, too. 

Jinger Duggar has always been a pretty fashionable member of the family, particularly since she, her husband Jeremy Vuolo and their girls moved from Arkansas out to sunny LA. In the time since, she’s experimented with new looks and even became one of the first Duggar sisters to don pants. You can see her doing the same with shorts in the new post, below.

Just a couple of years ago, it was a big deal when Jinger’s sister Jessa was seen wearing sweatpants. The reason? Jim Bob Duggar always had strict rules related to fashion for the women in the family. Long skirts were preferred and needed to fall below the knee. “Low-cut, cleavage showing” tops were also frowned upon and were all mentioned in the book Growing Up Duggar along with the girls noting they would not “wear clothes that are too tight or draw attention to the wrong places.”

As they grew up and moved on, though, it wasn’t just Jessa and Jinger who started finding pants to be an acceptable choice. Jill Duggar opened up about why she chose pants in an interview, and noted it had nothing to do with her leaving Counting On or the issues she and husband Derick Dillard had laid bare in public about the family patriarch. She said in 2020:

For me growing up, I always wore a skirt or dress or whatever, but that was something that as we were growing as a couple, kind of like the Bible says, ‘leave and cleave’ and kind of reevaluating things too. Definitely was not like a reactionary thing. I think some people might think it was a reactionary thing or whatever. Definitely not. It was very much just like something that we were just reevaluating. And for me, I felt like I could be modest and wear pants.

Pants are one thing; shorts are another. Over the past several months, Jinger Duggar has experimented with the above-the-knee fashion a few ttimes, including in a funny post captured by her husband Jeremy a while back.

These posts are peppered with comments from her fans, many of whom are noticing her shorts and offering positive feedback. A lot of comments are in the vein of “love your shorts.” One comment in particular stood out to me though, tying in what Jinger said as a young woman on her TLC reality show to the woman she has grown into. According to on Instagram user who commented on the new post:

I love watching you come into your own. It must be nice to be able to wear whatever YOU want. [You're] still covered and lady like but adding pants opens a whole new world. You said once on the show that you learned to do everything in shirts and there is nothing the boys can do that can't.

Another fan likened the shorts to “freedom,” noting: 

Those shorts are perfect on you! Freedom! Live your life, girl. It looks good on you!

We haven’t seen some of her other famous sisters venture quite that far yet, but fashion does evolve over time. For now, LA has been looking good on Jinger Vuolo and her husband Jeremy and it seems as if shorts will be a regular part of the routine moving forward... for both of them. 

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