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After Getting FluRona, Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson Is Dealing With A Rat Infestation

screenshot of Sadie Robertson on Duck Dynasty
(Image credit: A&E)

Over the course of Duck Dynasty’s lengthy 11-season run on A&E, fans saw some crazy shenanigans (and more than a few, quite frankly, gross occurrences like dog bites). There was the mud cover for deer hunting and someone accidentally spraying themselves with “doe urine.” (Don't ask me how they procured that one.) There was also the notorious funeral for Earl the pet squirrel after a cottonmouth snake killed it. The shenanigans apparently continue to this day, too – just not of their own making. One of the show's former stars, Sadie Robertson, is now dealing with a rat infestation after an unfortunate bout of FluRona.

As we know now, unsuspecting individuals can actually catch both the traditional flu and coronavirus at the same time (hence: FluRona). Sadie Robertson shared on her Instagram recently that she was one of the unluckies to get the double whammy sickness, forcing her to quarantine away from her husband Christian Huff and their 6-month-old daughter, Honey. The Duck Dynasty third generation alum has since recovered, but she revealed that her situation seemingly only got worse later on. She wrote in the Instagram post:

Then as we were on our way home from ATL we got a call that we have a couple of rats invading our home and those little guys are doing some workkk. So we couldn’t go home. It’s day 4 of not being able to get them and being out of our house. It’s disgusting and we are exhausted from getting over sickness and being out of our home.

Rats plus FluRona certainly takes the cake for worst combo one could imagine. But several other celebs and reality TV stars have been catching the illness, as well – although it is uncertain whether people have the normal fare, FluRona or one of the up-ticking variants like omicron. For example, George Lopez had a bit of a scare. Two co-hosts from The View are out of commission due to the virus. Likewise, Below Deck star Dani Soares from the Bravo network conveyed that she and her infant were both sick with COVID-19 over the holidays.

But the industrious clan are apparently soldiering on, despite the cancellation of their longtime show and notwithstanding illness. Willie Robertson not only trimmed down his infamous long hair, but he also had a fun spin on Fox’s The Masked Singer. And he might just consider returning to television again, as a result. His now-24-year-old daughter Sadie, who grew up on the show, added that catching FluRona actually made her strength in her faith grow “so much.” You can see her full post here:

Sadie Robertson has also turned her lemons into lemonade, elsewhere. After her family's show ended in 2017, she went on to write her own YA novel called Life Just Got Real. The premise is very close to home in that it's about two teens on a reality show. It's now being made into a scripted series, with Robertson at the helm as a producer.

The Duck Dynasty alum might then be considered on a good track, even with a rat infestation and run-in with FluRona. On the upside, too, I think she has new material for her next story…

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