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George Lopez Gives A Health Update After Leaving Stage Mid-Performance Due To Medical Issue

Health scares have unfortunately been plaguing Hollywood lately, as both the flu and COVID have been surging across the US again. While many cases haven’t been too alarming, some have set the internet ablaze. This was the case for popular comedian George Lopez. During a New Year’s Eve performance, Lopez became mysteriously ill and left the stage mid-performance. Soon, his evening performance was canceled, leading to sincere concern and well wishes from fans. Now, a little over a week later, the star has given fans an update on his health.

The reports surrounding the sitcom star’s New Year’s Eve stand-up performance definitely left more questions than answers. While eyewitness accounts gave some insight, many were still eager for more details. George Lopez recently made a surprise appearance on The View to mark friend and co-host Ana Navarro’s birthday. While celebrating his friend virtually, he recounted the ordeal that occurred while he was on stage:

I was around some people that tested positive [for COVID]. I didn’t test positive… In April, [I’m coming up on] 17 years that I’ll have my kidney transplant from my ex-wife, Ann, and I have no immunity against what’s going on in the world. And I got on stage, and I felt hot in the beginning and I was sweating and I started to kind of see just kind of flashes of red. And I thought, ‘I think I’m gonna pass out.’ And I sat down and got back up, and I think it’s right before you pass out, you see… kind of your body tenses up. It was more serious… I was really hot, I think my temperature was 102.9, and the paramedics did come and check me out. I checked out OK, but I was a little concerned. Upper respiratory, for me, and dehydration is a bad thing for me… For me, I’m better, I’m better now, and to everyone who reached out to me, I appreciate it so much.

The star's recollection of the situation is honestly scary to hear. As the comedian stated, being immunosuppressed makes him highly susceptible to any virus that's going around. Some fans may be aware of his status as a kidney transplant recipient, a subject that he tackled on his self-titled sitcom. While he still wasn’t quite clear what the mysterious illness was, it's good to know that it wasn't COVID and that he's doing well now.

Over the course of his career, George Lopez has established himself as one of the comedy world's most beloved performers. He's also amassed some sweet acting credits that have only garnered him more praise. And as you would expect, he continues to keep more than busy today.

Due to his illness, he rescheduled his canceled performance for March 18th. The stand-up gig was squeezed into his already jam-packed 2022 touring schedule. On top of that, he's been occupied on the television front, as he has an Amazon drama and an NBC sitcom in the works. In addition, he will produce and star in both shows. You love to see him booked and busy, but let's also hope that he fits in plenty of time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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