Ahead Of S.W.A.T.’s 100th Episode, Shemar Moore Shares Thoughts On Why The CBS Show Has Been So Successful

Shemar Moore on S.W.A.T.
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CBS cop procedural S.W.A.T. is getting ready to air its milestone 100th episode, and fans are sure to be excited. Not only that, the series was recently renewed for a sixth season, so it seems like 20-Squad won't be slowing down any time soon. But before all of that, though, lead star Shemar Moore shared his thoughts on why the series has been successful over the years.

Before S.W.A.T. was even renewed, the star sat down with ET to discuss the action series’ success, popularity and 100th episode celebration. While the show is only one of many law enforcement procedurals that's currently airing on network TV, Shemar Moore noted that there are a few important elements that the CBS show apart from the pack:

Tough guys, super-cops chasing bad guys resonates around the world. Our show has become popular around the world because it's such a fun show. It's not a bloody show; it’s not a dark show. It's a fun show. It's like going to the movies and watching Fast and Furious, or Bourne, or born James Bond-type stuff. We get to be super-cops running around doing cool things, car chases, helicopter chases, cool fight scenes, chasing down these bad guys. But then we also have a lot of diversity on our show. Me being a lead, being a Black man, and we have Asian, we've got Latin [actors] on the show. We're such a family within the show, and you can feel that on the screen.

The family aspect definitely shines through. Whether the cast is having fun amid filming on screen (as glimpsed in the Season 4 gag reel) or off the clock and enjoying some cornhole, they definitely know how to make the most of there time together. In short, this is a special group, and they're certainly fun to keep up with whether they're working or not.

Those aren’t the only reasons why Shemar Moore thinks that S.W.A.T. has found an audience over these last five years, though. The show is also known for discussing some pretty heavy topics that remain relevant within our society, and that's something Moore (who's also a producer on the show) takes a lot of pride in:

We also get topical. We keep the show grounded, which is important to me as a lead and a producer on the show. I give my input and say, 'We got to talk about things.' When George Floyd happened, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor... I can't be a Black man playing a Black cop, wearing the uniform with what was going, and still is going on in the world. Let's talk about it. We ain't got to preach about it, we ain't got to pick sides, but let's tell some truth. I was proud of the show that we were able to do that. We've also done episodes about school shootings, suicide by cops, human trafficking. I like that we can be a fun, thrill-ride of a show, but also just have some heart and humanity.

The show certainly hasn't back down from what happens in the real world. Following the Black Lives Matter protests during the summer of 2020, series EP Aaron Rahsaan Thomas was quick to post a personal message about the show and how it would address them. The Season 4 premiere, which was supposed to be the third season's finale, addressed the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests, with many lauding the show for the way in which it handled them.

Though it's had share of ups and downs when moving to Sunday nights at the beginning of the year, the show has mostly continued to thrive, and this milestone episode will serve as a truly auspicious moment for the show. Ahead of her S.W.A.T. directorial debut a few weeks ago, Lina Esco opened up about filming the installment so soon after wrapping her episode. It was an emotional time for her and the cast since they’ve been together for so long now.

It'll be interesting to see what goes down in the new episode (as well as the remainder of Season 5). Given the love and care that the writers and producers put into the series, though, I'd bet that viewers are in for something special. Surely Shemar Moore in co. will deliver a story that perfectly encapsulates everything that he believes has made the show what it is today.

Don’t miss the 100th episode of S.W.A.T. when it airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on CBS! And be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule for info on other new and returning shows.

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