Anna Paquin Responds After News Of An Upcoming True Blood Reboot Breaks

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It was only yesterday that news broke that another True Blood series was possibly coming down the pipeline and the word “reboot” was even used. As in, not a spinoff of the Sookie Stackhouse sexual awakening story. Now, original True Blood lead Anna Paquin has caught wind of the news, sharing her reaction on social media.

After the trades first caught wind that HBO is already envisioning rebooting Alan Ball’s True Blood, Anna Paquin took to Twitter where she mentioned she has not been in the loop about the possibility at all, noting:

Well, this is the first I'm hearing about this.

Some of her fans took that to be a passive aggressive response at the critically regarded subscription cabler (and streamer). However, Anna Paquin also clarified to one of those fans on social media that she’s not actually mad. Instead it seems as if she was just as surprised about the news as the rest of us.

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In fact, Anna Paquin does not seem to be the only person who is surprised, as author Charlaine Harris herself also expressed a similar sentiment on social media.

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To be fair here, the timing on this is really pretty odd. Sure, it’s been a handful of years since True Blood ended its run on HBO in 2014. However, it hasn’t been that many years since we said goodbye to the characters. In short, a good chunk of the people who would be interested in a True Blood reboot would likely only do so if it wasn’t really a reboot, but a spinoff or a revival.

I’d love to see more of Alexander Skarsgard character’s future specifically. I also think it might be cool to even see some prequel sorts of storylines or spinoffs set in the past featuring characters like Pam. I know the Sookie Stackhouse/Bill storyline really doesn’t need to be rehashed any further, but basically, this universe is rich. There are a lot of directions it could go without being a full reboot of the franchise with new actors and actresses but the same characters.

However, I wonder if the thought process is to potentially stick a little closer to Charlaine Harris’ works this time around? A lot of the storylines in the Southern Vampire Mysteries were really never touched on in the original HBO show, so I suppose that could be one positive of a reboot. Plus, I know rebooting has worked with varying degrees of success for some projects like Charmed, though the gap is even smaller with True Blood.

Anyway, if you didn’t catch the initial news, at least one original series person is on board for a reboot, as Alan Ball is allegedly attached as a producer this time around. Riverdale's' Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is on board to write the pilot and also produce and HBO is currently staying mum about the possibility of another series.

We will be sure to keep you updated if HBO moves forward with this plan, but I’d love to gauge how everyone is feeling. Is this a good idea? A terrible one?

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