Amidst Financial Difficulties, Frank Fritz’s Lawyer Wants The Former American Pickers Star To Pay Him

It’s been a tough few months for American PickersFrank Fritz. His former TV partner Mike Wolfe confirmed he’d suffered a stroke last summer, and unfortunately the star has not bounced back in the time since. In fact, in recent months Fritz was dealing with continued health issues and was put under a guardianship. Now, he’s dealing with money issues as well. 

The reality star was reportedly appointed a lawyer by the court when all of this guardianship stuff started happening. Now, his court-appointed lawyer has filed a Motion to Approve Attorney Fees. Per the request: 

The undersigned respectfully requests the Court approve the reasonable attorney fees in the above matter and grant authority to the court-appointed conservator to pay out such fees.

The request isn't for a ton of money, but it's one more request in a wave of financial difficulties the star has been facing in recent months. Frank Fritz was reportedly having financial issues even before his lawyer filed this most recent motion. A few months ago, we reported that Frank Fritz’s expenses are tallying up to around $28,292 a month. He needs "in-home healthcare" that costs more than 22K per month by itself. Then he has other varying expenses including health insurance, transportation and food that are piling up. He reportedly is only bringing in around $60K per year following his exit from American Pickers, and if that number is accurate, he obviously can’t afford all of this stuff. 

Fritz has said in the past he’d like another TV show, and there have even been (unconfirmed) rumors American Pickers might want him back one day. Given his current health status -- a report over at The Sun is referring to Frank’s ability to even make small decision as “so impaired” right now --  it doesn’t seem like a possibility at all in the near future. 

Right now, it seems the reality personality may be spending more than is coming in. And his lawyer is asking for his due, now, too. The only positive news is that Fritz’s lawyer is not asking for a large sum. According to the filing, he is asking for $450 in billings for visiting the TV personality in the hospital. He’s also looking for $120 for a court appearance during the guardianship process and an additional $150 for reviews he did of filings that came about in court.

MidWest Bank, the bank that is behind Frank Fritz’s guardianship is handling his affairs, including the money to the lawyer, which has been approved by a judge. The bank has said it has plans for Frank’s assets in order to “start generating income for Mr. Fritz.” Hopefully, a plan will be worked out in the coming months that helps get the former reality stars finances back on track as he continues the process of recovery. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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