Amidst American Pickers Exit And Fallout, Frank Fritz Says He Wants His Own Show

It’s been a few weeks since longtime fans of American Pickers learned exactly why Frank Fritz had been missing in action when the most recent set of episodes previously hit the History Channel. The reality star said health issues and setbacks had caused him to take a leave of absence, but he was ready and rearing to get those cameras rolling again. Now, weeks later, we know Fritz has not been asked to rejoin Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby on Pickers; however, that hasn’t stopped him from talking about pitching his own show.

Frank Fritz has been pretty vocal about wanting to return to American Pickers in recent weeks. Unfortunately, it seems the History team led by Mike Wolfe did just fine filming without him. Because of this, he wasn’t asked to return to the series after his leave of absence. Still, Fritz says he’s ready for a new TV challenge. He noted to The Sun:

I’m in the position now where if there was a show or something, they could pick me up. They know I can work 15 hours a day, they know I can work seven days a week. They know I have been working for 10, 12 years and that I have the capabilities and the qualities to do it.

Initially, when Frank Fritz took a leave of absence from the veteran reality series, he says it was because he was dealing with debilitating back issues. His final episode of American Pickers aired in March of 2020, but those episodes seemingly filmed previously, as he’s said he has had no contact with Mike Wolfe in two years. In that time, Fritz rehabbed his bad back and also admitted to going to rehab for an alcohol problem.

After time away, he says he’s sober and ready to get back to work now. In fact, the TV personality says that he has myriad fans who are ready and wanting him back on television.

Thousands of people want me back, they’ve got a petition to get me back on the show. I could go either way and find a new show, have something new, and have just as much fun. That’s what it’s all about, being satisfied with yourself and having a little bit of fun. I do think I’m in the mode right now to get picked up.

Mike Wolfe has made it clear the decision was made to move away from Frank Fritz on American Pickers, and there’s no evidence that another series could be happening. I haven’t even seen a petition with thousands of signers (I did see one with more than a dozen signers), though some fans have been vocal on social media about wanting to see Frank back. Regardless, the former star says there are people on the show who are rooting for him, believing it would be beneficial for him to get back to work and that it “would be a total loss” if he didn’t get another TV gig.

Ultimately, at this point it doesn’t seem like a return to the History series is possible and both Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby have made that clear (in fact, both are on the road right now filming Pickers without Fritz). What’s next for the reality star remains unclear, but we’ll keep you posted whenever he does land his next gig.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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