American Pickers' Mike Wolfe Reaches Out To Fans After Confirming Former Co-Star Frank Fritz Has Had A Stroke

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe in the early days on American Pickers
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There’s been no love lost between American Pickers’ Frank Fritz and his former partner-in-crime Mike Wolfe in recent months. But life is short, and following recent news on the Frank Fritz front, his longtime TV co-star has reached out in a post to update fans as well as share that “now is the time to pray.” The post is coming down the pipeline after Frank Fritz suffered a stroke and is currently in the hospital. 

Over the last several months, Frank Fritz had been candid about trying to get his life together despite health troubles and setback. The actor had previously opened up about a back injury and also needing to go to rehab for alcohol use, though Fritz was candid about his journey in July of last year, noting he’d been sober at that point for 11 months. 

Unfortunately, now it seems that Frank is in the hospital after suffering a stroke. His former TV partner Mike Wolfe was the first to break the news in a long and candid post, which also touched on past drama.

The news has seemed to be a shock for many who know Frank, as his other former co-star Danielle Colby also shared her own post stating she really didn't have any information about the situation. She did also share kind words about Frank, noting on Instagram:

Frank, you’ve got the fight in you. I’ve watched it for almost 2 decades. Just keep on fighting. Never stop fighting.

Previously, Mike Wolfe had confirmed Frank Fritz’s exit from American Pickers in July of last year. That led to public tension between the two reality stars, with Fritz calling out his former pal’s statement as “bullshit” and more. Later on, other show star Danielle Colby had touched on Frank Fritz causing “so much pain for himself and others.” While Fritz initially seemingly wanted his History gig back, he's moved on from that idea and even stated he may be looking for his own TV show. 

Meanwhile, the show has gone on without Fritz, first with Wolfe on his own, and then with his brother Robbie in the second chair. A new season of the longtime reality show is currently running, with new episodes hitting the summer TV schedule on Saturday nights. But Pickers fans continue to still be seemingly disgruntled about the change, which could be why Wolfe chose to include the comment, “There has been lots of opinions in regards to mine and Frank’s friendship and the show but now is not the time to set the record straight,” as part of the latest post. 

At this point, Wolfe seems to just be hoping Frank Fritz pulls through OK. Our thoughts are with the former reality star and those who are or have been close to him in the past. We'll be sure to keep you updated as further details break. 

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