Amidst Talk Of A Potential TV Return, Wendy Williams Steps Out In Rare Public Appearance

Wendy Williams appears on The View.
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The past several months have reportedly been very difficult for Wendy Williams. The polarizing former TV host saw her eponymous show get cancelled earlier this year, and she’s allegedly been dealing with a number of financial and health problems as of late. However, newer reports indicate that the star is starting to feel like “her old self” again and, as a result, she’s starting to make public appearances again. Most recently, she made a rare appearance for a major event, amid talks of her potentially returning to television. 

This past week, celebrities flooded the Metropolitan Museum of Art for this year’s Met Gala. While much of the public likely expected A-listers like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively to walk the carpet in stunning looks, some may have been surprised to find that Wendy Williams was at the afterparty. Those of us who didn’t score invites to the event learned of her presence through an Instagram post from Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee. Check it out for yourself:

The star does seem to be doing better, if this video is any indication. Not only does she look healthier, but her famous catchphrase still rolls off her lips with the same kind of sass. It’s sure to be a comfort to the many fans who have been concerned for her well being. And based on what’s been alleged over the past, it’s hard to blame anyone for worrying about her. 

Earlier this year, a report suggested bad news for Wendy Williams’ potential return to TV. The source claimed that the star wasn’t always “functioning” like she used to and needed “help eating, getting out of bed and getting dressed.” Around the same time, Williams’ bank, Wells Fargo, reportedly suggested that she needed guardianship when it came to financial matters. The former talk show host would eventually take to social media to voice her frustrations with her bank, which she said had denied her access to her accounts. She also accused her ex-manager of spending $10k on one of her credit cards without asking permission. 

Within the past few weeks, the celebrity gossip maven publicly stated that she’d be ready to make her television return in a matter of months, after getting her financial affairs in order. In April, a source claimed that she was working with Wells Fargo to get access to her accounts again. The same person also stated that she’s ready to get back to work. As of this writing, no official plans have seemingly been set in motion for her next production.

Based on the progress Wendy Williams appears to be making though, it may not be long before she shows up on our TV screens again. It’s clear through her appearance at the Met Gala and other public events that she’s trying to get reacclimatized to her old life. We’ll see if she manages to land a deal for a brand-new talk show. 

The Wendy Williams Show, meanwhile, can still be watched in syndication and is finishing out its run with a slew of guest hosts.

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