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Wendy Williams Reportedly Now Nearing 'Her Old Self' Amid Legal Battles

There have been a number of troubling reports about Wendy Williams, even in just the last few months, as she continued her season-long break from The Wendy Williams Show. Many of these have surrounded allegations of the host's declining health and mental state, with it sounding as though the situation was unlikely to improve. While we now know for sure that Williams won’t return to her show, with it being cancelled and ending with the current season, we’ve also gotten an update on her health that notes she’s nearly “her old self,” even as she deals with a number of legal battles. 

What’s Being Said Now About Wendy Williams’ Health?

Several reports surfaced in the earlier months of this year that noted that Wendy Williams was supposedly missing doctors appointments, while also not being able to do things like dress herself or hold normal conversations on a regular basis. Now, though, an anonymous source for The U.S. Sun has given a much more hopeful update on Williams’ health, and said:

She looks good! She isn’t fully back, but she seems like 80% of her old self. In another couple of months, and I bet she's totally back. Wendy has vowed not to drink and she is eating much healthier these days and it shows; her legs aren’t nearly as swollen. She is planning her next move. She won't be in Florida much longer, she is coming back to New York, and soon. Wendy is making plans to make a big comeback.

If this report is true, and we certainly hope it is, this means that what we heard from Williams’ attorney, LaShawn Thomas, about a month ago is correct, and the media maven is finally “on the mend.” This would be well after her much hoped for recovery, with her having last been seen on The Wendy Williams Show in July 2021, and her many health issues stemming from a breakthrough COVID-19 diagnosis and on-going conditions like Graves’ disease and other illnesses having led to the break from her beloved daytime series.

As Williams was trying to recover fully so that she could return to her regular life and show, though, she was forced to deal with some pressing legal matters. In early February, just a few weeks before her talk show was cancelled, Williams had another lawyer file an emergency petition to stop her bank, Wells Fargo, from continuing to block her access to her money and information on her financial accounts.

That action came about after bank officials were told by her former financial advisor, Lori Schiller, that Williams showed “signs of exploitation” and was “of unsound mind,” all of which Williams has continually denied. On top of that, early March saw the television personality send a cease and desist letter to Howard Bragman, a publicist who has spoken on Williams’ behalf to the media many times since September 2021. However, the letter points out that she never gave Bragman permission to speak for her publicly, with a source close to the situation adding that Williams never hired Bragman, and neither she nor anyone on her team knew why he had been representing himself as her spokesperson.

Clearly, Wendy Williams has been through a lot in less than a year, but, hopefully, she really is nearly fully recovered and ready to grace us with her wildly unpredictable hot takes sooner rather than later.

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