Apparently, Bill Belichick Selected A Longsnapper For The Pro Bowl Because He Was Dating Pamela Anderson And Then Regretted It When She Didn't Show Up

Bill Belichick is the NFL head coach of the New England Patriots, known for his deadpan expressions, a winning coaching record, and many rewatchable Super Bowl appearances. He is not known for cracking a joke very often, and takes football extremely seriously. When selecting players for the Pro Bowl, an annual game where only the best players in the league are invited to participate, one would assume Belichick would take the selection process very seriously. Apparently one year, however, he was more interested in Pamela Anderson’s rumored attendance at the game, rather than the players. When the Baywatch star didn’t show up, however, the coach soon regretted his decision. 

On Manningcast this week Peyton Manning told a story to his guest, sports writer Bill Simmons, about how one year Belichick only selected long-snapper, David Binn, for the Pro Bowl because the coach was hoping that Binn’s girlfriend, Pamela Anderson, would show up to the game. Binn himself also recalled the incident on the ProFootballDoc Podcast (via Twitter). Binn explained:

So anyway, first practice, which is like nothing, you just kinda like stretch and mess around, the whole bit, and I walked off the field. I’m coming off the field and I’m walked behind Bill [Belichick] and he looks at me and he goes ‘Hey where’s your girlfriend?’ and I said ‘Oh Pam? Uh, she didn’t come out.’ He goes ‘Remind me why the fuck I invited you here again?’ And he gave me this deadpan look, and I thought he was kidding, but he didn’t crack a smile. And then I was like ‘Wait, is he serious? Is he kidding?’ And I just walked off, I couldn’t figure it out.

This is a very surprising and funny story about someone who wouldn’t be characteristically in favor of any distractions during a football game. At the time, Anderson was a massive television star and a major sex symbol in the late 90s and early 2000s, known for Baywatch and other iconic projects. I wouldn’t be surprised if the players would’ve had their eyes on her rather than the ball.

This is one of many funny stories that are brought up on Manningcast each week, which airs during Monday Night Football. Former football quarterbacks and brothers, Peyton and Eli Manning break down some football highlights each week, and tell anecdotes about their time playing the game, as well as share some hilarious moments from off the field. The show has gained popularity even amongst non-football fans. SNL even spoofed the show to open its 48th season this year, and Miles Teller did a spot-on Peyton Manning impression. 

The brothers have a great sense of humor, and you never know what could happen when they report on live television. This season, their broadcast was interrupted by a streaker, which they both had a great sense of humor about. They are also constantly teasing each other and having fun, which makes their football coverage a must-watch. 

You can check out episodes of Manningcast airing on ESPN2 and ESPN+. Monday Night Football also is airing weekly on cable TV and can be streamed for Hulu subscribers with a live television extension. There are also several other great streaming services for sports fans, so there are many ways for you to watch your favorite team this season, including Belichick and the Patriots. For more information on what else is coming to television this winter, make sure to check out our 2022 December TV premiere schedule. 

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