As When Calls The Heart Season 10 Kicks Off, Jack Wagner Reached Out To Hallmark Fans Who Sent Support Following Son's Death

When Calls The Heart is kicking off production for its brand new season. For one of the shows longtime mainstays, Jack Wagner, that means getting back into the rhythm and routine of work just weeks after his son died at 27. Wagner marked the moment by thanking the fans for being supportive of his family in recent days. He wasn’t the only cast member to post about the show getting off the ground for Season 10, but his post was deeply personal given what he's been going though over the past several weeks. 

On Instagram, the actor expressed gratitude for the Hearties who have been kind and considerate toward the Wagner family during this time. Many of those fans sent their "love" and "support" to Jack and his wife Kristina and it has seemingly helped them on their path forward following their son Harrison's death. He also said in a video component:  

Thank you all so much for the love and kindness that you’ve sent. I can’t tell you how much it’s mean to me. Getting ready to head up to Vancouver to start Season 10 of When Calls the Heart. I’m beyond excited and grateful for that. Thank you also for that.

The full post can be seen below.

The announcement of that fund also mentioned that Harrison Wagner had “lost his battle with addiction” but that his family created the resource in the hope that other young men could get treatment even if they didn’t have the money to pay for that support out of pocket. 

Insofar as the WCTH portion of the post, Jack Wagner went on to confirm he’d be sending some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the upcoming season. So it seems he's be able to get to a point where he is ready to move forward and engage with the fanbase again. 

He's not the only person ready for When Calls the Heart Season 10's production schedule.  Erin Krakow also shared a post commemorating the moment. Unfortunately, she had to “celebrate” kick-off well before the crack of dawn…

It's nice to see WCTH renewed as there was some question of whether or not Bill Avery and co. would get Season 10 after wrapping up its infamous love triangle (with some disgruntled fans) and then going one more season deep into Elizabeth Thatcher's love life. It's also worth noting most of Hallmark's original shows have been cancelled at this point, including axing long-running shows like Good Witch and Chesapeake Shores, which is ending on the network this year. I'm just grateful, as other Hearties likely are, that Bill Avery and the other characters in Hope Valley get another opportunity to share new stories this season. 

Jessica Rawden
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