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Ben Affleck Has A Hilarious Take On How People Always Think He Owns Aflac

Ben Affleck in Justice League
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

When most people hear the name “Ben Affleck,” they immediately think of his superpowers as an actor, director and producer. However, because of the actual name “Affleck,” some can’t help but think of the Aflac insurance company, which has a duck as its mascot. With this, Affleck is hilariously sharing his take on some of the public linking him to the organization.

While promoting their new movie, George Clooney's The Tender Bar, Ben Affleck and Lily Rabe took part in the always-amusing WIRED Autocomplete Interview. The co-stars took turns answering Google’s most searched questions about themselves and one included “Does Ben Affleck own Aflac Insurance?” It’s a humorously valid question, and it seems actor has had some interesting personal experiences due to the assumed connection:

Does Ben Affleck own Aflac Insurance? This is my cross to bear. Imagine this: Imagine you have a very unusual, kind of slightly unappealing sounding name. Now imagine that, somehow, there’s a huge insurance company that also has that name. Now imagine that insurance company has a bottomless budget to buy television commercials. And now imagine that their creative choice is to hire a duck to shriek your last name in as loud and obnoxious a way possible for the duration of the television commercial. And then imagine what it’s like when you’re on an airplane and the hammered lady behind you recognizes you and she’s gonna do her best Gilbert Gottfried for six hours on the way to New York. Thank you Aflac. I don’t own it, but I deserve it. I would like a discount.

If we're being serious, this whole situation just amounts to a mere coincidence. However, it is pretty hilarious to hear that this has been on his mind for years and that it seems to follow him around everywhere. Even though he doesn’t own Aflac, maybe the company will partner with him since it's parted ways with Gilbert Gottfried. Or at the very least, he could get that discount. Like he said, he does deserve it for what it’s put him through. Hearing a duck say your name really loudly during a commercial probably isn't ideal, even if it is humorous for the rest of us.

It's honestly surprising to me that Aflac Insurance has never partnered with Ben Affleck for a commercial or sponsorship of any kind. Though one has to wonder if the actor would truly be up for, especially since such a thing could simply spark more jokes. Still, the actor has endured worse, as he once did experience the backlash that came from starring in 2003's Gigli, with girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. 

Right now, the Justice League actor has a few movies coming up this year, including the potentially emotional Flash movie, in which the actor will reprise his role as Bruce Wayne and his caped crusader alter ego for the final time. He is also set to star in erotic psychological thriller Deep Water, alongside Ana de Armas, Tracy Letts, Rachel Blanchard and Lil' Rel Howery. Both films are expected to come out in 2022, with the latter set for a streaming release. Now, if only he can cap off this packed year by snagging that Aflac endorsement.

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