Beyond American Idol And Morning Talk Show, Ryan Seacrest Apparently Has A Big TV Goal In Mind

 As it's gone for many years now, Ryan Seacrest remains everywhere these days in the entertainment world, hosting both American Idol and Live! With Kelly and Ryan, not to mention his radio show on XM Radio, as well as other specials and events. However, there is still one type of show reportedly on his TV bucket list that he wants to cross off, and it’s a pretty tasty one.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan Seacrest would actually like to host another show — no surprises there — but this time one that's all about good food. Such a project would definitely be different than what he’s used to, but it probably wouldn't take much of an effort for him to figure the process out. As far as the kind of food-based series he'd like to work on, here's how the outlet's source put it:

Ryan is looking to produce and star in his own show about food. He loves the Stanley Tucci series Searching for Italy and wants to do a show along those same lines. . . . [He] fancies himself a Gordon Ramsey kinda guy.

While there are plenty of food and foodie shows out there right now, one wouldn't expect Ryan Seacrest to dive into something trite and generic. Given his reach as a celeb, it would likely be something with high production value, and it sounds like he wants to do a series centering on discovering new foods and restaurants that he wouldn't be privy to normally, Tucci style.

That said, with Gordon Ramsey being namechecked, it also sounds like Seacrest could be more into heading up a MasterChef-type competition, though presumably with more more relaxed advice being delivered. Maybe there's a way to combine both of those ideas into something completely unique, although maybe not. 

We all know that Ryan Seacrest has plenty of hosting experience, so he would be able to take on whatever kind of format. However, with what little time he has to spare on top of everything else, such a commitment may not be in the cards right now, or at any point when he's busy with his talk show and Idol in tandem. Hopefully, it does happen sometime in the future, though, because it would definitely be one to watch. 

Meanwhile, even without his food-show goal necessarily in the works, Seacrest remains pretty busy. Going into 2022, he made a promise to take a step back and slow down following a viral and scary health scare that took place on American Idol. He did get back into the rhythm of things for New Year’s specials, though, and hasn’t stopped since. He even had a recent, yet funny, wardrobe malfunction on the ABC reality series, but I don't think anybody would blame that on him being too busy.

Ryan Seacrest has been slowing down on TV duties even before his health scare. In February 2021, he bid farewell to his Red Carpet coverage after 14 years, ending an era. The departure was bittersweet for him, but it definitely opened up some more time for him, even if it probably isn't enough to put together a wholly different side project.

Fingers crossed that Ryan Seacrest hits his show goal soon, but in the meantime, fans will just have to settle with him hosting American Idol and Live! At least we get to start most of our days with him in the morning, often quite involved with the cooking segments on the show. That’s a plus, isn’t it? 

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