Celebrity Big Brother Apparently Lost A Houseguest Before Eviction, But Why?

Chris Kattan on Celebrity Big Brother
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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds as of Wednesday, February 9. Read at your own risk!

Celebrity Big Brother was in the midst of another exciting episode with its celebrity houseguests on CBS on Wednesday night when some surprising news sprang up on the live feeds. After hours of the feeds being down, they returned to reveal the winner of the upcoming veto ceremony, and also the news that Saturday Night Live actor and houseguest Chris Kattan left the game. 

Fans had suspicions after some vague comments following the return of the live feeds. Chris Kattan’s bed was neatly made, and Todd Bridges offered Lamar Odom (who will talk about anything on the feeds) the bed that the actor occupied. The real confirmation came during a conversation between Cynthia Bailey and Big Brother mega-fan and dancer Todrick Hall, in which the two discussed how the eviction decision this week isn’t so easy. Hall dropped the first comment that was a dead giveaway, saying:

I wasn't as stressed when Chris Kattan was still here.

Cynthia Bailey followed up by saying of Kattan that "he's out of the equation," so the situation is as clear as can be from live feeds. This situation wasn't presented in the episode that aired on CBS on Wednesday night, which was pre-taped. 

Chris Kattan made himself an easy eviction choice this round after he pleaded to be evicted over Mirai Nagasu days earlier. I don’t think Miesha Tate wanted to evict Chris Kattan this round anyway, which became evident in the Wednesday episode when she nominated Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey.

Shanna Moakler won the veto, and now she'll likely use it to pull Cynthia off the block. Chris Kattan might've had a shot at leaving as a third nomination to take Cynthia's place, but he didn't even stick around to see that happen. All veto talk thus far already factored in Kattan's exit, so one has to wonder what happened. 

This is purely speculation, but I think Chris Kattan might've just seen the writing on the wall that he wasn't going to leave the house anytime soon. The other houseguests obviously wanted to keep the actor around because he wasn't a competition threat, and his lack of wanting to play the game prevented him from making strong alliances. As much as it sucked to keep him in the house knowing he wanted to leave, it's good gameplay to keep him over someone that wanted to stay and win. 

Another possibility is that Chris Kattan suffered some injury or had some illness that made him want to leave, which also would make sense. Kattan suffered a pretty bad back injury while working on Saturday Night Live, and complained on the live feeds from time to time about his back. The truth is there are a plethora of possibilities here, so perhaps it's best not to assume anything until we get some answers. 

Celebrity Big Brother has a new episode on Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS. Hopefully we’ll get some answers in the episode on what happened to Chris Kattan, but if not, there’s a chance a Paramount+ subscription might give any curious fan some more answers via the live feeds. 

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