Britney Spears Reunited With Her Mom, Then Went Off About People Stirring Up Negativity

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Britney Spears has a complicated relationship with her family, to put things nicely. She’s currently in a lawsuit over the conservatorship with her father. She’s had some tense social media exchanges with her sister, and she reportedly hasn’t seen her mother in years. Well, at least she hadn’t seen her mother in years until yesterday when mom and daughter finally reunited in Los Angeles for what’s being described as a thirty minute visit.

Word of the reunion spread very quickly among fans and the media with TMZ claiming the two have been texting recently and that the “ice” between them is “thawing.” The outlet claims there’s a chance the two will reconcile long-term, as Lynne Spears flew all the way from Louisiana for the brief visit, which also allegedly included Britney’s husband Sam Asghari. We obviously don’t know what was talked about or whether they agreed to meet again, but regardless, it’s a big step considering Britney has made some big accusations about her mom in the past.

After the chit-chat, Spears and Asghari reportedly went driving together for awhile and then returned back home. Fans were, of course, very eager for Spears’ thoughts on what happened, but instead, she took to social media to talk about why she prefers to keep private moments private. She brought up how often fans and the media try to “stir up negativity” and talked about how everyone is always speculating about her mental health, despite the fact that she’s mostly just doing things like learning to cook and taking two hour baths. She said she can’t imagine what it would be like if she did anything more out there like Miley Cyrus, who she mentioned she has “mad respect for.” You can check out her comments below…

I’m not sure why people are trying to stir up negativity… you guys are always so damn sneaky!!! I am talking about the ones who are creating lies!!! I’m a woman who has the right to drive whenever I want to go shopping… whenever I want and I do a damn good job of acknowledging my practice in just being a good person!!! With that said I’m disgusted with the attempts of people saying I’m not well… people are hateful and I have 3 dogs and I’m quite happy with my easy way of living… I take care of myself!!! I take two hour baths and I’m learning to cook and love myself a bit better!!! I know I’m not perfect!!! Some days are better than others and I do a good job of keeping it together!!! No I don’t show myself crying and weeping on my bad days because frankly it’s none of anybody’s business!!! You all have private homes with private doors with private issues… that’s why it’s called private!!! I believe in taking my vulnerable moments to myself… why would I ever share that with a world and media who hurt me deeply at one point in my life… No thank you!!! I have an amazing therapist and friends whom I adore… please take your negativity elsewhere and learn to respect!!! What would people do if I smoked a blunt after the EMAs like Cyrus who I have mad respect for??? I honestly hope you mean people kiss my ass!!!

The comments were made as part of a social media post Spears dropped last night, likely after she saw so many people dropping opinions about her reunion with her mom. She also included a picture of a white flower. In addition, she later dropped another social media post from her recent vacation that uses a picture of her ass as the thumbnail. You can decide whether that’s a reference to her saying mean people can kiss her ass or not. 

Either way, true Spears fans are hoping whatever is best for her ends up happening with her mom. A lot of negative words have flown back-and-forth over the years between the pop star and her family. Maybe that means welcoming at least her mom back into her life will cause more heartache. Or maybe her mom is exactly what she needs, given how complicated her life is. Spears is in a way better position to make that call than we are. So, if this is the path she wants to go down, I’ll do nothing but root for it to go well! 

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