Britney Spears' Legal Team Says Jamie Spears Has 'Sunk To A New Low' With Latest Filing

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Britney Spears was only recently freed from her conservatorship but the pop singer’s previous situation is still the topic of a major legal battle that has now taken an interesting turn. Lawyers for Jamie Spears, Britney’s father and former conservator, have filed a motion to have some of Britney’s medical records, previously sealed by a court, unsealed. 

It’s unclear specifically why Jamie Spears’ lawyers want the medical records unsealed. Obviously they would argue that something in them might help explain decisions of Jamie Spears during the conservatorship of Britney. Britney Spears’ lawyers are very clear in their response to the motion, obtained by Page Six, that the only reason this is being done is to attack Britney. Attorney Mathew Rosengart argues that Jamie Spears has “sunk to a new low” in trying to unseal the records and argues there’s no legal reason to do so, saying in part…

Consequently, Mr. Spears can have no purpose in seeking to render the conditionally sealed materials public other than undertaking his purported ‘vindication’ and revenge plot against his own daughter. It is shameful.”

Britney’s team believes this attempt to get these records unsealed is retribution for the fact that a judge has ruled that Jamie Speaks must sit for a deposition as part of an investigation into his time as conservator for Britney. It’s also pointed out that it was Jamie Spears, and a previous legal team, that initially moved to have the records sealed. 

The motion, which asked that Britney also be deposed, included the request to unseal the records, was filed on July 22, but Britney’s lawyers point out the question as to whether Britney was also to be disposed was already set to be decided on July 27. The judge decided Britney did not need to sit for a deposition.. 

For their part, Jamie Spears’ lawyers argue that there is nothing harmful or of ill intent in what they are doing. Lawyer Alex Weingarten says that if there was “legitimately confidential” information in the records, they would still be shielded from the public. He goes on… 

The idea that this is part of a nefarious scheme is ridiculous. It is unfortunate that Britney’s counsel continues his relentless barrage of ad hominem attacks against Jamie. It is presumably because he doesn’t have any actual evidence but regardless, it is unwarranted and unprofessional.

Currently, the medical records in question are set to remain sealed until October 26 of this year, at which point there is already a hearing set to determine whether or not they should remain sealed. 

While Britney Spears’ legal battles may not be over yet, the pop star has certainly begun to move on with her life. Britney is a newlywed and she’s begun working on new music with Elton John.  

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