Celebrity Big Brother Star Sued After Allegedly Skipping Out On $60K In Rent

Todrick Hall on Celebrity Big Brother
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Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 was rife with drama both inside and outside the house, and now one contestant is back in the news. Todrick Hall caused a lot of trouble during the game with his deceitful and dishonest gameplay, according to players like Teddi Mellencamp, and now the runner-up is facing house problems of his own. Hall is being sued by the owners of his home after allegedly skipping out on $60k in rent. 

A new filing states that Avi Lavian and Orna Lavian, the owners of Todrick Hall’s home, allegedly agreed to rent him the home at $30k a month. People reported that the complaint stated Hall failed to pay rent in February and March of this year and that the Lavians gave Hall a notice on March 3 to pay rent or leave the property. The notice was reportedly left with an unnamed individual at Hall’s residence. 

The filing goes on to allege that Todrick Hall failed to comply with the demand. The Lavians are asking for the $60k in rent that Hall allegedly owes, attorney fees, and for the lease on his house to be terminated. Todrick Hall and his team haven’t offered a public comment on the situation at the time of writing. 

While we don’t know the circumstances behind the situation and what occurred, we do know where Todrick Hall was during the entire month of February. Hall competed on Season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother (which is available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription), and ultimately finished as runner-up to the season’s winner Miesha Tate. Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 started on February 2 and concluded on February 23, and Hall was isolated from the rest of the world in the game the entire time. 

It’s also worth noting that while Todrick Hall (who also finished runner-up in Season 6 of The Masked Singer) played an objectively good game for a regular season of Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother is a little different. The evicted houseguests in the latter are not left in sequester, which meant each evicted contestant learned about the disparaging, offensive, and occasionally manipulative things that Hall said about them. It all culminated in one of the tensest Big Brother finales of all time, in which the houseguests began to make personal statements against Hall before voting against him. 

Todrick Hall did not do media interviews following the finale of Celebrity Big Brother, so fans didn't hear his immediate thoughts on how the game ended. Whether or not he comments on the lawsuit regarding $60k in rent remains to be seen. Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 is done, but is available to stream at Paramount+. There’s a lot to love about the service and the library of great shows on Paramount+ available to watch in addition to Big Brother, so check it out.

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