Why The Masked Singer’s Todrick Hall Still Feels Like A Winner Following Season 6

The Masked Singer Season 6 finale was one of the most competitive in the show’s history, with the two finalists really giving it their all. The Bull and Queen of Hearts sang their hearts out, but in the end, there could only be one winner. Unfortunately for Todrick Hall, his Bull persona ended up finishing in second place behind Queen of Hearts, better known as singer-songwriter Jewel. Though the loss wasn’t quite what he wanted, Hall assured CinemaBlend he still feels like a winner even as runner-up

The always entertaining Todrick Hall was kind enough to speak to CinemaBlend following his time on The Masked Singer, and he talked with me about his experience on one of television’s most entertaining shows. Hall discussed finishing behind Jewel, and how he's absolutely still proud despite falling short in Season 6.

I always hear people say on shows like, I feel like a winner even though I didn't win, and I always am like rolling my eyes deep down being like, ‘Well, you didn't win, so I don't know why you feel that way,’ but I do feel like I won. I mean, I competed for a long time with my team [Group A]. And, I mean, the fact that I outlasted Natasha Beddingfield and Faith Evans and Toni Braxton was such a huge accomplishment that by the time I got to the end, I was so exhausted. And I just do feel very, very proud of the work that I did, that the team did to help me, the dancers. It just feels incredible, so I'm really grateful and happy with what I did on the show.

The singer and choreographer should be abundantly happy with all that he accomplished, and it's great that he seemed to learn a positive lesson about second-place pride. Even The Masked Singer panel of judges told Todrick Hall he’d have been the winner in any other season. 

It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment after watching all of the electric performances he gave throughout the season, and the amount of talent on display as he outlasted all but one of the other celebs in order to take on Jewel in the Season 6 finale. It surely seemed like a close call between who would win after the final two performances, and wasn't at all a runaway victory for the current champ, so Hall should be thrilled with how he did. 

Todrick Hall may not have come away with The Masked Singer victory, but he has plenty of other accomplishments to be proud of just in the recent past, much less earlier in his career. He just launched Femuline Reloaded, which is a re-cut of his earlier released album with new tracks, remixes, and original songs. He’s also readying up a 100-city tour in 2022, giving fans a chance to watch him perform in person in the near future. (Though anyone not familiar with his musical stylings should note it's all a tad different from his song choices on the Fox series.)  Just don’t expect to see him perform in the Bull costume again anytime soon.

The Masked Singer is done with Season 6, and now the wait is on to see if and when Fox will announce Season 7. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles and hoping the next batch of competitors are as equally talented, if not even more so, than everyone who graced the stage over the past few months. 

Mick Joest
Content Producer

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