Discovery Releases Statement After Street Outlaws Star Dies During Filming

Ryan Fellows on Street Outlaws
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A star of the racing series Street Outlaws: Fastest In America has died. Forty-one-year-old Ryan Fellows died in a car wreck that occurred over the weekend when filming in Las Vegas for the series. Discovery released a statement regarding Fellows' passing and paid condolences to the family and friends of the driver. 

The accident that took Ryan Fellows' life occurred early on Sunday morning, during the eighth out of nine races planned for the filming. TMZ reported Fellows was driving a gold Nissan 240z, and lost control of the vehicle near the finish line. The vehicle rolled and caught on fire, and people on the scene were unable to get him out of the car in time. Filming shut down for the day after the accident, and Discovery released a statement acknowledging Street Outlaws' familial loss. 

The Street Outlaws family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows. We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan's loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss.

Ryan Fellows is survived by his wife Liz as well as his eighteen-year-old son Josiah and ten-year-old daughter Olivia. A GoFundMe is circulating the internet in order to help the family memorialize his life, as well as help the family with costs after his unexpected passing. The GoFundMe hopes to hit a goal of $50,000 and is already past the $10,000 mark as of Monday afternoon. 

The original Street Outlaws first launched on Discovery back in 2013 and has inspired a handful of spinoffs over the years. Fastest In America is a spinoff in which eight of the fastest race teams in America compete for a chance to win $100,000. The show premiered in 2020 and most recently was airing new episodes in March of 2022.

This tragedy is only the latest car accident for Street Outlaws in 2022. TMZ reported stars JJ Da boss and Tricia Day were both involved in a serious car accident in separate vehicles back in January. The accident was serious enough that Day noted on Facebook back in April they'd only been walking on their own since March. Day also noted during the video that they often talk about the risks of their profession and that each day is not a given. Their crash was later shown on Street Outlaws: America's List, as well as the aftermath. 

Crashes are not uncommon in Street Laws as Distractify noted a number of drivers for the series past and present have had bad accidents while racing and while filming for the series. Racing in the franchise definitely has some risks, and after this latest accident, one might wonder if it'll impact safety protocols for the flagship show and its spinoffs. Perhaps it will help prevent another tragedy in the future, and help the crew for the series remain as safe as possible while filming the currently planned projects, as well as any new shows down the road. 

CinemaBlend would like to offer its condolences to the family and friends of Ryan Fellows and wish them the best during this troubling time. 


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