Duggar Family Member Was Asked To Join Dancing With The Stars, But Allegedly Jim Bob Put The Kibosh On Those Plans

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Over the last 17 years, Dancing With the Stars has blessed fans around the country by having celebrities show off their dancing skills with pros in front of a panel of judges for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. From actors to singers to professional athletes to reality stars, it seems like nearly everyone has done xi or been asked to participate, and now we can count a Duggar in those ranks. 

Apparently, Deanna Duggar’s daughter Amy was previously asked to be on the dancing series but said no, and allegedly it was all because of Uncle Jim Bob that she didn’t participate. A source told The Sun that the 19 Kids and Counting star refused to let his niece, who is now 35, go on Dancing With the Stars, noting:

She was offered to go on Dancing with the Stars, but Jim Bob would not let her do it. She’s had many opportunities for shows.

The reason Jim Bob reportedly put the kibosh on this plan is not known, but it may have something to do with the fact that Jim Bob Duggar raised his family with strict rules -- and cousin Amy was previously around a lot during the original 19 Kids and Counting series -- meaning prohibiting them from enjoying music and dressing conservatively, the complete opposite of what fans see on DWTS.

Despite growing up in a strict household, some of the Duggar daughters have started breaking away from that lifestyle, wearing pants and even occasionally shorts or miniskirts (much to Jim Bob and Michelle's alleged chagrin). In recent years, Deanna and Cousin Amy have also started keeping some distance away from the Duggar family. Earlier this year, Deanna Duggar put her family on blast before deleting the post, opening up about lies she said she was told about a “certain family member” after seeing the local news. Amy Duggar King was also vocal about the Josh Duggar verdict after sentencing came down. 

Now that it's been a while since Cousin Amy has seemingly distanced herself from her former life, I suppose it's possible she could join DWTS now that she's older. But it's unknown if she'd agree to it or if the show would even be interested in having a Duggar family member on at this point. 

The Dancing With the Stars Season 31 group has yet to be revealed, so it’s always possible Amy could be part of the historic season. I suppose with the move to Disney+, there could be more restrictions on what’s included as far as fashion choices and choreography go, though the show was previously tame enough for network TV standards. Plus, given the additions of the more grown-up Marvel Netflix series and a new parental control option, Disney+ is expanding the breadth of its content quite a bit. 

Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars will premiere this fall on Disney+! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to.

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