Duggar Daughters May Wear Shorts Now, But New Court Report Indicates Jim Bob And Michelle Aren't So Happy About It

As Josh Duggar’s child pornography case was going through the court system, several of the Duggar sisters were in court themselves over an invasion of privacy argument related to the molestation report that ended 19 Kids and Counting. That court case ultimately was dropped by the judge, but as part of the lawsuit, testimony from Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s husband was unveiled that seems to indicate patriarch Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle are not so happy about his daughters’ newfound fashion choices. 

According to unveiled paperwork (via The Sun) Jeremy Vuolo revealed that he and his wife are not always on the same page with Jim Bob and Michelle, using the “modesty” example as one of the times there’s been a culture clash between the way Jinger grew up and her married life. He reportedly said: 

They've spoken to us about - what was it - I guess modesty is one. We've had a couple of conversations.

He also noted that he and Jinger are happy with their lifestyle choices, which have included her relaxing her dress code somewhat since the couple moved to Los Angeles. Jeremy Vuolo also said he’s happy with the way his wife dresses but that Michelle Duggar had even spoken to them about her “journey of modesty” before. (Though Jill Duggar would argue pants are modest.)

In a way, yes. I mean, not that exact word. They [Jim Bob and Michelle] just shared their - their thoughts on women wearing dresses, I guess. I remember Mrs. Duggar just sharing her own personal journey of modesty.

While most of the Duggar sisters have relaxed their style in recent years – even Jessa Duggar can be seen in pants now – Jinger Duggar in particular has been a little more brazen with her fashion choices. She and her sister Jill have been known to even wear shorts these days. In an even more recent post, she’s also been working on her golf game, and shows a little gam in a miniskirt to boot. 

Obviously, we’ve known in the past thanks to a book that was published on the Duggar clan’s fundamentalist values that Jim Bob and Michelle asked their daughters to stick to more conservative dress, including any clothing that would “draw attention to the wrong places.” During the 19 Kids and Counting Run, you could always count on seeing the Duggar daughters in long skirts. 

But they’ve moved on, had their own families during the TLC Counting On era. While long skirts still make plenty of appearances, the Duggar sisters have been evolving their own fashion choices as well. We’ll have to wait and see where they go with fashion next, but I wouldn’t expect all of them to pick up a miniskirt just yet. 

Jessica Rawden
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