Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan Can 'Appreciate' This Hilarious Comparison Between The Boys' Homelander And The Walking Dead's Negan

Negan outdoors in the Walking Dead
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Despite being a beloved actor whose films and TV shows have amassed hordes of fans over the years, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has seemingly always remained as level-headed and grounded as a celeb can get. Which is almost necessary when it comes to playing a character as polarizing as The Walking Dead’s Negan, since fans have taken little issue with expressing the full gamut of opinions over the years. Though everyone has plenty to say about Negan and his arguably redemptive actions, the spot-on video clip shared below, which invokes The Boys’ devious Homelander, didn’t need any words at all to win over Morgan (and presumably everyone else who gave it a watch).

Check out the Twitter post below, which isn’t so much a moral-based comparison between Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character and Antony Starr’s Homelander, but rather some good-natured shade regarding Negan’s effortlessly foul mouth. 

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Anybody who earns an exclamation point from Jeffrey Dean Morgan is someone who can go to sleep happy at night. That’s possibly generalized hyperbole, but prove me wrong!

Negan’s language in the current era of The Walking Dead isn’t anywhere near as salty and kid-unfriendly as some of his dialogue was in the years after he was first introduced. (To be sure, fans were also cursing up a storm at the time, considering Negan killed off two of the show’s more beloved characters at the time.) And even then, Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn’t allowed to go as far and filthy as the comic book character, since AMC probably wouldn’t have ever allowed 347 uses of the word “fuck” per episode, which was closer to how Robert Kirkman scripted things for the source materia. (I can’t imagine anyone says the phrase “fucking fuckity fuck” without Negan in mind.)

Similar to Negan, The Boys’ Homelander is very rarely driven to being speechless as the world’s most powerful superhero (who also happens to have a hot streak of hyper-villainous behavior). Though Antony Starr’s supe isn’t so swear-heavy while in the public eye on The Boys, he has damned sure voiced some truly horrific dialogue over the show’s three seasons so far. I feel like Negan would be a fan, even if his current mindset likely wouldn’t be fully down with Homelander’s more bigoted stances. 

Hopefully this won’t be the only Boys-related situation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be enjoying. Though the actor is busy with AMC’s zombified spinoff Isle of the Dead, he and former Supernatural boss Eric Kripke (also The Boys’ showrunner) have discussed getting JDM into the streaming superhero satire in one capacity or another. They just need time and scheduling on their side. 

In another Twitter post, Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared quite the interesting tribute video, which featured a variety of Negan quotes and other moments edited together over a vocal-free orchestral cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” And while it’s a solidly crafted vid, I think Morgan’s short and direct comment on the post is as apt as it gets.  

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While waiting for The Walking Dead to return to AMC for the final eight episodes of its 11-season run, all three episodes of the recently concluded The Boys can be streamed in full with an Amazon Prime subscription, and our 2022 TV premiere schedule has everything else that’s hitting the small screen throughout the rest of the year. 

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