The Walking Dead Season 11: 8 Big Questions We Have About The Final Episodes

It’s been more than ten years since The Walking Dead premiered, if you can believe it. And I have been through it all. To be honest, it’s a bittersweet end for me, though I am excited about much of it. I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a part of my childhood, but at the same time, it’s time for this to come to an end, don’t you think? 

Returning this fall as part of the 2022 TV schedule, The Walking Dead Season 11 will be airing its last eight episodes so we officially can put a cap on the original series - before a slew of upcoming The Walking Dead spinoffs begin. However, I still have some questions that I want answered about these upcoming eight episodes. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we find out the solution to each of these. 

Hornsby in The Walking Dead.

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How Are They Going To Wrap The Story In A Satisfying Way?

For those who aren’t a fan of The Walking Dead comics, there are lots of changes between those and the show adaptation. For example, Rick is still very much a main character in the comics by the end of the series, as well as other characters that are dead in the show who are very much alive. So it makes me wonder - how exactly are they going to end this series without being able to follow that blueprint? 

It’s quite obvious that the war with the Commonwealth is going to be a huge deal in the upcoming episodes, but that begs the question - how is this going to play out? Are we going to focus on Connie’s uprising with the paper within the Commonwealth? Or are we going to be turning a little bloodier with Daryl and crew, who look like they’re ready to spill some guts in order to face the soldiers? 

It also raises a good point about Lance - while The Walking Dead has seen some awesome villains, many of them have been fleshed out and given a lot of time to show off why they are a villain, but we haven’t really gotten that with Lance, who has suddenly turned two-faced. Will we get answers for that or any more about him? 

How is all of this going to come together to truly end this show the right way? In eight episodes? It’s astounding to even think of right now. 

Father Gabriel in hat in The Commonwealth on The Walking Dead

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Are Some Of These Big Characters Finally Going To Die?

Look, I have seen so many heartbreaking The Walking Dead deaths that it’s hard to even feel pain for whoever dies now. I still remember the depression I fell into when Beth was killed in Season 5. 

With eight episodes left, are we finally going to get some more big character deaths? In my mind, the last big deaths were when the Whisperer War started, and since then? Nothing else has really happened. Minor characters have died, or certain villains, but no one from the cast that we have known for some time. 

It makes me wonder if we are going to be saying goodbye to some fan favorites in the upcoming episodes, maybe like Father Gabriel or Ezekiel. To be honest, I almost want it to happen, because we have gone without some true drama for a long time. 

Kevin Carroll on The Walking Dead.

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So, Like, Where The Hell Is Virgil?

Do ya’ll remember Virgil? The person who literally sent Michonne off on her mission to find information about Rick? Yeah, I barely remember him either, for good reason - because he’s barely there. 

We know that he was in Alexandria at one point, since he came back with Connie, but we have not seen him at all since that big storm happened. Where the heck has this man gone? Have The Walking Dead creators just forgotten about him? He has such vital information about the biggest character of the show and now, he’s suddenly gone. Makes me wonder. 

Georgie and Heath in The Walking Dead.

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Are Georgie/Heath Ever Going To Pop Up Again?

Two of the strangest characters in The Walking Dead were Georgie and Heath. Not for the fact that they were weird themselves - it's that we haven't seen them since they suddenly vanished. 

Heath was a survivor and resident of Alexandria who was apparently overrun by zombies, and Georgie was a mysterious woman who offered aid to Maggie at Hilltop in exchange for records. While Heath’s disappearance was addressed a little bit, we still have yet to see him again or hear anyone else mention him. And Georgie? That has been radio silent, spare for the few instances Maggie has brought her up. 

It’s interesting how so much time has passed, and yet we have not had a single scene with these two in so long. Will we get that in the last eight episodes? Who the heck knows? 

Michonne in The Walking Dead.

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Is Michonne Going To Return In Any Way Since Her Departure In Season 10? 

Man…I miss Michonne so much. 

While I know she’s off trying to find Rick, I can’t help but think that she was truly one of the beating lifebloods of this show and that she was a great character. She’s not dead, so I would love to somehow get her back here in some way. I mean, she still has a daughter and a son who are both trying to survive in this dangerous world, wouldn’t she want to come back for them? 

I just think that in some way, she should return, if only just for a moment, maybe to tell Daryl that Rick is alive or something like that. Not sure how, but if she could show up for just a few seconds, I think I could die happy. 

maggie talking to negan on the walking dead season 11

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What’s Going To Happen To Send Negan And Maggie Off To Manhattan? 

One of the newest spinoffs that was announced to happen after The Walking Dead was Isle of the Dead, a series featuring long-time character, Maggie, and villain-turned-anti-hero, Negan. This show says that the pair go on a solo mission together to Manhattan, which is now overrun with zombies. 

But, like, how the hell do they end up there? 

Alexandria is in Virginia, and by car, it’s a four hour and eleven minute drive (at least at the time of writing this). I can only imagine how long it would take on horseback, or worse, on foot. What on earth takes these two characters, who have a very complex relationship, all the way to Manhattan, of all places? That’s crazy to me. 

I’m sure we’ll get some sort of lead up that draws them in, but at the same time, I’m still curious as to what would bring them all the way to the Big Apple. 

The soldiers of the Commonwealth and the Civic Republic.

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What Is The Connection Between The Commonwealth And The Civic Republic? 

For those who don’t know, the Civic Republic is an authoritarian community that has more than 200,000 residents in a fortified Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and it featured heavily in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It was revealed later on that this place was the safe zone that Jadis was trading with - and where Rick is.

It makes me wonder how these two huge civilizations are going to connect. There’s no way they don’t know about each other. The Commonwealth is huge in The Walking Dead, with interconnecting communities and so much more. There has to be some sort of connection between the two of them that we don’t know. 

Rick Grimes standing outside in Alexandria on The Walking Dead

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How Will Rick Be Honored/Mentioned? 

I mean, duh. We can’t have this series end without at least a mention of Rick. Or maybe he’ll show up at the very end, who knows - there were rumors that Andrew Lincoln was in Atlanta recently

At the end of the day, I just want to make sure that his character is given the right sendoff in the series, and that if they are trending in the direction of those Rick movies that we are all waiting to hear news about, I want some sort of hint about them/Rick at the very end. Something that tells us “the story isn’t completely over.” Maybe that’s where we can learn more about the Civic Republic; I’m not sure. But, I need some way to honor his character. 

I know that I’m probably going to start sobbing because The Walking Dead is coming to an end, but no matter what, I’m sure that the writers will find some way to answer a few of these questions - and if not, I’ll patiently wait for those dang Rick movies to debut.  

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