Exclusive Abbott Elementary Clip Hilariously Dunks All Over Jacob, And I'm Both Laughing And Wondering How He Hasn't Snapped Yet

In the last episode of Abbott Elementary that aired on the 2024 TV schedule, Jacob got a huge win when he convinced a bunch of drag queens at brunch to help him reserve a park for a field trip. Now, in the latest episode of Abbott’s third season, the exciting excursion is happening and Chris Perfetti’s character is as eager and overprepared as ever. However, as it typically goes, his co-workers totally dunked on him over his excitement. And while it’s truly hilarious, as you can see in the video above, I am starting to wonder: How has Jacob not snapped yet?

The Teachers Hilariously Dunked On Jacob And His Folders

As you saw in the clip, Jacob was ready for the “best field trip ever.” He made worksheets, he got the final reservation at the park, and honestly, he was thriving. However, Barbra tried to urge him that all the work was not necessary by saying:

Jacob, nobody needs this. You pulled off a field trip with no money and no help. Baby, relax.

Then, after that nice comment, the dunking started when Melissa proclaimed that teachers, students, and especially Ava don’t want to work at the park. She even went as far to say:

Knock it off with the worksheets, or you’re gonna ruin this trip.

Now, while this is a fair and funny point, no one wants to work on a field trip and Lisa Ann Walter’s delivery of the line was perfect, I feel bad for Jacob. He’s so proud and excited, that I was also getting hyped up about the folders.

Then, after that disheartening, yet humorous moment, the final nail in the coffin came when Mr. Morton – Jacob’s arch nemesis – took the folder and used a paper in it to wipe his mouth before throwing the whole thing in the trash. Talk about rude!

While the ongoing (one-sided) feud between Jacob and Morton is hilarious, I wouldn’t blame the history teacher if that was the breaking point.

The guy has been through a lot this year!

How Has Jacob Not Snapped? 

Our boy Jacob needs a win. He and his now ex-boyfriend Zach broke up. He had to find a new place to live. He quit vaping. For a while, his bestie Janine was working at the district. Plus, that incredibly awkward moment between Gregory and Janine at the bar, which Jacob was there for, must have at least put a damper on his own date night. The guy deserves a nice moment, and this field trip is that. After seeing this funny, yet frustrating for him, scene, I wouldn’t blame him if he needed a good scream.

Hopefully, as the episode goes on, a compromise will be made. While Jacob will maybe realize a field trip can be just fun, the others will also acknowledge him for all the hard work he put into making something great for the kids.

Knowing Abbott Elementary Jacob will get his happy ending, and hopefully all the love for planning a nice (and free!) field trip for the kids.

To see how Jacob reacts to Morton and Melissa dunking on him, you can watch this episode of Abbott Elementary when it airs tonight – May 15 – on ABC at 9:00 p.m. ET. If you want to watch the episode on streaming, you can get it the next day with a Hulu subscription.

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