Fire Country: How A Character Death And Another Key Moment In Latest Episode Could Impact The Rest Of The Season

Warning! Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 15 of Fire Country ahead!

As Fire Country continues to dominate the 2023 TV schedule, and pass multiple viewing milestones, the story manages to one-up itself with every episode. However, the latest installment in Max Thieriot's drama took things to another level by killing off one character, and presenting a major challenge for two more. Following Episode 15, it’s clear that things will be different moving forward, and what happened will likely make a big impact on the cast of characters for the rest of Season 1. So, let’s break it down. 

Fiona Rene as Rebecca Lee. standing among other fire fighters on Fire Country

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How Will Rebecca Lee’s Death Impact Bode’s Story?

Throughout Season 1 Bode’s love life has been a big point of discussion. While the main love triangle between Bode, Gabriela and Jake has been at the forefront of the show since day one, Rebecca, a female prisoner, swooped in a bit later and made things even more complicated. It was clear that she had feelings for Max Thieriot's character, however, he quickly friend-zoned her. However, it's clear they had a strong connection. 

While that romantic tension was still there in the latest episode, it seemed like Bode and Rebecca had become good friends. She was really trying to help everyone in the Cal Fire camp, and was really trying to make a positive impact. So, when she surprisingly died at the end of “False Promises” it was shocking and game-changing. 

Rebecca died while trying to help the crew save Eve after she got stuck under a tree. You could see how much this bothered Bode by the end of the episode, understandably, and he feels responsible for his friend’s death. It felt like our protagonist was starting to lose faith in the Cal Fire program, and his belief that he’ll get out was starting to diminish because he lost a friend who was working the program correctly. Bode’s optimism has always been in flux throughout the show, and as we enter the last portion of Season 1, it feels like this moment will define a lot of our main character’s actions moving forward.

Billy Burke as Vince Leone and Diane Farr as Sharon Leone holding each other's faces in the hospital.

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Sharon Not Getting A Kidney From Jake Is Bound To Have Repercussions  

Sharon’s continued health problems and need for a kidney transplant has been a constant issue on the show. Her survival is constantly on the line, and after we thought we found a solution with Jake being a match, we got sent right back to square one in this episode. This was because when both Jake and Sharon woke up they were devastated by the news that Jake reacted poorly to the anesthesia, making it so he couldn’t donate a kidney to Sharon. 

Following this moment, Bode’s mom passionately declared that she was going to live her life and travel with the time she had left. She was met with a bit of pushback from her family, however, it’s clear that for the rest of the season, Sharon will be trying her best to live her life to the fullest, because we don’t know if she’ll survive to see another installment of Fire Country

The drama continues to bring in an average of 10 million viewers per episode according to Deadline, and I think this continued personal drama along with massive death-defying set pieces are a big reason for it. This latest episode of Fire Country not only proved that, but was pivotal, and will 100% impact the rest of Season 1 and probably Season 2, considering the show was renewed recently. 

New episodes of Fire Country air every Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, and they can be streamed with a Paramount + subscription the next day. 

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