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Following 50 Cent Outburst, Power Book IV: Force Renewed For Season 2 At Starz With Big Change Behind The Scenes

Everything is popping off at Starz, which finally welcomed back the long-absent drama Outlander for its sixth season recently, while also continuing to expand the 50 Cent-produced Power franchise with its third spinoff. Power Book IV: Force immediately made waves on the premium cabler, to the point where 50 Cent hyperbolically threatened to exit his overall deal with Starz after execs announced renewal news for the crime drama Hightown without speaking to Force’s future. Now, the multi-hyphenate entertainer — who awkwardly showed up during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show — can rest easy (yeah right), as the network has confirmed Joseph Sikora’s Tommy Egan will be returning for Power Book IV: Force Season 2, but with a big change behind the scenes.

Having debuted on February 6, Power Book IV: Force made it through five episodes before Starz officially went forward with the Season 2 renewal announcement. When it returns, however, it will be without series creator and Season 1 showrunner Robert Munic, as the executive producer will be vacating his duties for the upcoming season. 

Taking his place will be Gary Lennon, a writer and producer from both Power and the aforementioned Hightown, as well as Euphoria and Justified, among others. That should provide a change in creative energy, but with someone who knows both this franchise and Sikora’s Tommy as well as anyone. 

Though the renewal reveal may be new, the creative team has reportedly already been working on planning the new season out, according to Deadline. The Season 2 writers room has reportedly been staffed up far ahead of the series premiere, so this was definitely an expected decision, even if it wasn’t clear when it would come. 

It seemingly wasn’t clear at all to 50 Cent, who blasted Starz for the umpteenth time on Instagram after Hightown’s Season 3 renewal, railing on the “dumb shit” that he supposedly deals with working with the network. That was hardly the first time the rapper got buck on the network, either, as it’s almost an annual event for 50 Cent to go berserk in publicly calling out Starz and/or the show’s EPs for one reason or another, but usually dealing with him feeling slighted. (In the case of executive producer and Lala Kent’s ex-husband Randall Emmett, it was over a million-dollar loan that wasn’t paid out.)

But it was safe to say that Power Book IV: Force had a promising future in the days after it initially premiered. With 3.3 million viewers across multiple platforms, the Tommy-fronted spinoff now holds the top spot as the most-watched series premiere in Starz's history. It broke viewer records across both the Starz app and on the linear TV channel. 

Fans probably shouldn’t expect any major Season 2 updates just yet, considering we’re still not yet at the halfway point of the first season. But be sure and check out new episodes when they hit Starz (opens in new tab) on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. And head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see when and where other new shows are popping up.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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